Writing Autoresponders with Jay White

[Times: Eastern] In this EXCLUSIVE Wealthy Web Writer Teleconference, Autoresponder expert Jay White will guide you through the process of writing autoresponder messages for yourself and your clients. Not sure what an “autoresponder” is? No worries, as Jay will lay the foundation from start to finish for you…

sales_letter_image_money_seoDate: January 20th
Topic: Writing Auto-responders
Speaker: Jay White

JAY WHITE honed his copywriting skills in the radio and catalog market—skills that have come in very useful writing email autoresponders. Jay knows how to craft short, hard-hitting copy that immediately gets the attention of his audience, quickly makes a connection, and then delivers results.

In his stellar albeit quiet rise through the copywriting ranks, Jay has had the pleasure of working with greats such as Alex Mandossian and Rich Schefren. Mandossian has called him “The best autoresponder copywriter I’ve ever seen.” And Schefren has courted him to be an exclusive copywriter on his team.

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  • Just got off the call with Jay White and it was GREAT!. I meet Jay at the 2009 Bootcamp. I sat beside him at least one night for dinner. I had no idea what he did until he explained that he had a program with AWAI. He is such a down to earth person and extremely funny. I'm going to be listening to his program this weekend. (I have classes the rest of this week.) Listening to him on this call, you can't help but catch his excitement and love for what he's doing. He has such an enthusiastic and generous nature that I'm not surprised he's the Guru for this Niche. He also provided a couple of "real nuggets" of wealth about how to ad autoresponders to what you're already doing as a copywriter. Thanks for your time!

  • Listened to the teleseminar with Jay recently. His enthusiasm is infectious and jumps out at you. Thanks Jay. I hope to meet you at one of these seminars one day. One question about a presence online. Would it be better to do the website or the blog? In the meantime I'll keep hacking away at the emails.

  • Oops! Disregard my previous comment. I realized my attention had wandered and listened again and heard the meat of what Jay offered, This was a worthwhile use of my time. I regret sending my first comment so quickly without double checking.
    Mea culpa

  • Anyone put this program to use and have an experience to offer? Sounds awesome but nobody really seems to be talking much about it…

  • The call cut off before the end – when Rebecca says ‘ you gave an example’ – did that happen to anyone else? Did I miss much?
    Very interesting call Jay, will sure to be purchasing your programme once I’ve generated some fees as a copy writer!

  • Reading these posts from those who have had some sort of interaction with Jay has been very interesting. It makes me want to become not only one of them but a very on tract autoresponder copywriter. That is why I joined the
    Wealthy WEb Writer. Hooray!!!!

  • Can someone clarify for me how Jay does most of his business? Does he prefer to do autoresponders only–or does he usually do autoresponders as a supplement with sales letters? Thanks.

    • Hi Gina,

      This is what I heard from Jay:

      “Hey there–thanks for the email…

      To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I wrote a sales letter. I’m sure it wasn’t that long ago–maybe a couple of years–but my client business has been all emails and autoresponders. Granted, I don’t take many clients these days (too busy teaching/coaching/speaking, etc) but yes, I built a career specializing in this area. Best thing I ever did. 🙂

      Now, I always tell my students they can do one of two things with their autoresponder copy training: they can specialize like I did and hone in on one particular niche to become the “go to” person for. Or they can add autoresponders to their tool belt of services. Each has their pros and cons, but for a copywriter just starting out, it’s good to know a little bit about everything. 😉

      Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any more questions about me or the program. And if you want more info about autoresponders, I have some free videos on Youtube. Just search for “Email Copy Made Easy” and you’ll find my channel.

      Take care and let me know how things go!


  • Enjoyed the Teleseminar.
    Too bad the intro was long-winded.
    When I listen to these things I want to get right to the meat.


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