Dozens of Lives Changed. Are You Next?

It made me want to jump up and scream!

money_staircaseI can’t begin to tell you how exciting it was to see, right before my eyes, about a dozen web copywriters receive checks for the work they’d done — during the presentations at the Web Copy Intensive!

(And, that doesn’t even include the guaranteed paid assignment every attendee is receiving.)

The amazing thing is that each one of these folks came from different walks of life … each facing their own challenges and obstacles …

… yet they pushed on to make their dreams of a better life a living, breathing reality.

To be a witness to that was an awesome experience. And, the respect I have for them is immense.

Guillermo here, and even though the Web Copy Intensive came to a close, dozens of web copywriting careers are just beginning.

That’s because the information covered at this event was unlike anything else … covering topics like:

  • How to find and land clients
  • How to price projects and confidently charge what you’re really worth
  • Becoming indispensable to your current clients
  • Understanding and managing PPC campaigns
  • SEO for copywriting success
  • Autoresponder email series
  • And much, much more

I know it sounds a bit cliché, but what I’ve covered so far in my roving reports is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the great insights delivered by each of the presenters.

I could fill volume after volume with the great strategies, examples, applications, and tips I got over the past three days … and that’s just from me sitting in on the “Basic” track. That doesn’t even include all of the vast material covered in the “Advanced” track.

Regardless, I want to leave you with what I think is the biggest takeaway I got from the Web Copywriting Intensive.

You are incredibly valuable as a Web Copywriter. Companies NEED your services. Don’t shy away from this fact.

Charge what you’re worth. Confidently tell potential clients what you’ll charge for a project.

And most importantly, TAKE ACTION. Do whatever you have to do to get in front of potential clients who are willing to pay you.

Everything else — building your skills, learning SEO, PPC, emails, etc. — is second to this goal.

Because if you don’t get in front of clients willing to pay you, then everything else doesn’t matter.

When you start getting paying clients … and depositing checks … THAT’S when you start living out your dreams and goals.

So yes, get the skills. But don’t wait to be “perfect” before you go out and market yourself as a Web Copywriting Specialist. Get out there and take action.

I personally witnessed 3 copywriters who did just this … DURING the Intensive. They landed a brand new client while they were still in Vegas.

And there’s no reason why you can’t do the same!


Guillermo Rubio

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