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If there’s one common theme that’s been running through all the presentations here at the Web Copy Intensive in Las Vegas, it’s that you need to become indispensable to your clients.

And in just a second, I’ll tell you how you do that.

Guillermo here … and it’s the final day of the Web Copy Intensive.

Today kicked off with Andrew Palmer giving us the …

Five keys to a successful PPC campaign

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Any client you come across can benefit from having a PPC campaign. And, when that time comes, here are five things you need to make sure your campaign does well:

  1. A strategy. Surprisingly, most companies don’t have one. Ask, “What is this PPC campaign trying to achieve? Is it to acquire leads? Buyers?” Answering these questions will then help you develop a sound strategy to create a PPC campaign that gets impressive results.
  2. Relevance. You’ve got to learn to how to think like Google. Your PPC ad has to answer the question your prospect has in his head when he types a question or
    search term into Google. Your landing page and your autoresponder series have to answer the question, too. Everything in the campaign needs to work together and be relevant to what the prospect is looking for.
  3. Keyword research. Use your brain. What are your buyers thinking? Brainstorm with editors, copywriters, product managers, etc. to figure out the search terms your prospects will use to find you. Remember, a campaign will sink or sail based on your keywords. So make sure to get into the head and shoes of your prospect and figure out what words they’re using to find the information they want.
  4. Strong copy. Make sure everything from your teaser ads to your landing page is relevant and grabs your prospect. It has to resonate with them and offer them something they’re interested in.
  5. Conversion analysis. Test everything. If people are clicking on your ads, look at the numbers and figure out why. But remember, if you ever have a question, test it and get your answer that way.

This is just a small sliver of all the great insights Andrew gave us during his presentation. But if you guide yourself by these five keys, you’ll be WAY ahead of your competition.

Become indispensable to your clients

So, how do you get your clients addicted to your services in the same way top web copywriter Nick Usborne is addicted to coffee? (On the first day of the Intensive, Nick shared a rather funny story about his love for coffee and the lengths he’ll go to make sure he gets a cup.)


You become indispensable by being more than just a copywriter.

Become a marketer who happens to have copywriting skills as one of many tools in the tool belt.

What does this mean?

Understand marketing strategy. Know how a company generates leads, clients, sales. Understand the ins and outs of PPC … how to read and interpret numbers and results … how to build a list … how to write autoresponders … how to analyze a website (its linking structure, and according to the best practices for writing web content).

Knowing this then turns you into more of a marketing consultant. So, if a client initially hires you to write an email series, take a look at their business as a whole. Maybe you can also write the landing pages, the PPC campaign, and the sales pages. Take a look at their main website and see if it’s optimized properly, etc. Look at the big picture and find those opportunities to help your client get better results.

And once your client does see those results, they’ll be hooked, and you’ll become their “go-to” marketing guy or gal.


Guillermo Rubio

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