Getting Down and Dirty With WordPress


Date: May 12th 2010

Time: 3PM ET

Topic: WordPress

Speaker: Sid Smith

Everyone is telling you that you need a website, and from what you’ve heard, having a blog seems to be a good way to go.

But, what kind of blog?

And, more importantly, how does one go about creating a blog from scratch?

If you’re new to blogging, don’t yet have your website up and running, or you’re stuck on an old blogging platform like Blogger, then this will be your perfect opportunity to get a live demonstration of the WordPress blogging platform.

Plus, if you’ve got a few notches on your WordPress belt, this Webinar will be a great chance to ask those questions that have been holding you back from putting all the pieces together.

For the Newbie

In this live Webinar, Sid Smith will provide you with a grand tour of the WordPress blogging platform.

Hold onto your hats and buckle your seat belt because you’ll go on a whirlwind “live” trip through WordPress land.

You’ll watch Sid…

  • Create a blog from scratch …
  • Upload a “template” or “theme” …
  • Configure the basic parameters …
  • Install a few plugins …
  • Define some widgets …
  • Add a new “Page” and a new “Post”
  • And perform some magic to get the site “indexed” by Google

Along the way, you’ll learn the basic WordPress terminology so that you’ll know a widget from a plugin, how to choose the best “Theme” (template) for your needs, and where to host your blog.

Sid will also show you a few tricks you can use to easily customize your blog to meet your high artistic standards.

And For the “Not So Newbie” …

There’s a few things in this webinar for you as well. You’ll …

  • Get Sid’s list of “must have” WordPress plugins for your site …
  • Discover how to “repurpose” your content to get more search engine traffic …
  • And find out how Internet Marketers manage to get their website ranked so high, so quickly …

Plus, if there’s time, we’ll talk about what’s coming in the next big release of WordPress, version 3.0.  The programmers have some great enhancements planned, making WordPress more robust than ever.

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  • Would it be possible to have a 2020 webinar for this exact topic? I’m hoping to switch from Wix to WordPress in a couple of months after all I’ve learned about it, but I’d love to see the details for the current WordPress program since I’m sure a lot has changed in the past decade!

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