Learn the Basics of Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Date: Tuesday June 15, 2010

Time: 3PM Eastern Time

Topic: Keyword Research

Speaker: Justin Deaville

Using keywords on your site is essential if you want to rank well in Google’s search results.

This 45-minute webinar introduces you to practical keyword research. You’ll learn how to:

  • Get started and plan your keyword research
  • Search for keywords and expand your lists – you’ll need hundreds (maybe thousands) if your site is to be a success
  • Evaluate the competition and choose the best keywords for your business
  • Use keyword phrases on your site
  • Get keyword-rich inbound links that will boost your search engine rankings
  • Structure a new site to get the best results on Google (and how to improve existing content)
  • Use keywords to get a better return from your pay per click campaigns

And much, much more!

There will be plenty of time for questions, too. Ask whatever you like.

Justin Deaville, the chief commercial officer of keyword research company Wordtracker, will be your presenter.

Please join us …

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Wealthy Web Writer

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    • That was the Keyword Seminar that took place today, June 15. Is there another way to access?

  • Ditto for me…
    Couldn’t get anything but a blank page.
    I think is such an impt. topic. I was sorry to miss it due to schedule conflicts and a biz apt.

    PLEASE CORRECT THIS ASAP AS IT’S SO VERY IMPORTANT A TOPIC…all else flows from the keyword search strategy.


  • I’m trying to open this on the morning of the 17th your time and it’s still blank.
    Please let us know when it’s up and running.

  • I’m sorry about that guys! When I postd yesterday it was working correctly for me. I just reposted the playback link. Let me know if you have any problems. Enjoy!

    • Thanks Justin, went through the webinar today and I really find it very useful. It gives me an eye opener as to how these keywords could be used on our site titles and content pages to help get more traffic. Have heard of the long-tail keywords but now realize what it is and how useful it will be. Really appreciate your sharing and will take your advise – do the keyword research before creating content. All the best, thank you.

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