5 – Step Process to Writing Articles that Get Published


Date: July 1, 2010
Time: 3PM Eastern Time
Topic: Writing Articles
Speaker: Rebecca Matter

Writing articles can be quite a struggle when you first start out – but learning to prepare yourself before writing can make it a whole LOT easier.

If you’re not writing articles yet, here are three reasons you may want to consider it:

  1. They’re an easy way to gain credibility in your field.
  2. They can drive quality traffic to your website or sales page.
  3. You can get paid to write them (single articles and on retainer!).

And, to make it easy for you to get started, Rebecca Matter is going to share with you a process she uses every time she sits down to write one.

During this webinar training she’ll go over her process in detail including…

  1. Defining the specific thought, feeling or action you want to stimulate in the reader;
  2. Outlining how the article will help the reader;
  3. Including useful instruction on your topic;
  4. Identifying how your reader will identify with the article; and
  5. Answering the questions your reader will have without them having to ask!

By the end of this training, you’ll have a complete process you can follow the next time you sit down to write an article. You’ll be able to write the article faster and your copy will be a lot stronger – strong enough to get published!

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Write Articles for the Wealthy Web Writer.

Rebecca Matter

Rebecca Matter

President of American Writers and Artists, Inc and founder of Wealthy Web Writer, Rebecca has over 20 years of direct marketing and publishing experience.


  • Hi Jana,

    Can you let me know what’s happening when you click the link?

    Heather Robson

    • Hi,

      It opened a new window but nothing loaded. Tried again this afternoon and it worked fine. Excellent webinar!



  • It’s October 2015 – This webinar (over 5 years old) still has immense value for anyone who takes the time to listen and learn from it. In my opinion, every new member of the Wealthy Web Writer should be required to listen to and view it.

    John/Danceman Copywriting

  • And now it’s October 16, 2015 and i have found this webinar to be very relevant and helpful. Thanks Rebecca!

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