DRIP, DRIP, DRIP … How To Increase Sales, Every Time


One of the things I’ve built my reputation on is ideas. Bringing to my clients ideas that have a good chance of increasing sales and growing their businesses. It gets me way more respect than the strength of my copy alone. And more projects, too.

Well, I have some good news for you today. I’m going to give you one idea that pretty much always increases sales … And, is an easy additional project you can land from a past client.

Feel free to steal this idea, use it with your clients, get more work, and help them be more successful (and build your reputation as an “idea person” to boot).

It has to do with writing email autoresponders

Here’s how an autoresponder project normally works. You negotiate with the client to write a certain number of emails in a series. The number of emails you write is typically based on two factors.

  1. First, how many emails will make the series work – that is, how many emails will make it profitable? (More is usually preferred – as you’ll learn why below.)
  2. And second, how much can the client budget for you to write the autoresponders? (The client’s answer here is usually “less is better.”)

Find the sweet spot between those two numbers, and you have your first autoresponder project with the client.

Then, it’s up to you to deliver – write the autoresponders that will drive the customers either through to the sales page, or straight to the sale, and you’re golden. You’re happy. Your client is happy. You’ve earned your fee. And all is right in the world.

But, if you let it stop there, you’re making a big mistake!

Why More Autoresponders Equals More Sales

I’ve heard Rebecca Matter say it at least a dozen times – almost every email she sends out generates at least ONE sale. So, she always wants to be sending out more emails.

Legendary copywriter and marketing expert Dan Kennedy has confessed to writing highly-profitable “drip” marketing sequences (including autoresponder emails, faxes, letters, telemarketing calls, etc.) with well over 20 steps.

And, I have one personal project that converts about 25% of prospects to buyers with 15 autoresponder emails – and I’m sure if I were to add more emails, I’d convert far more prospects.

It’s the “drip, drip, drip” that will eventually fill the prospect with enough desire to place their order. And, if you have more than enough “drips” to fill up every prospect who has a reasonable chance of responding (and then a couple of more, just for good measure) – you’ll have the most profitable autoresponder series possible.

There are three things working here that make more emails equal more sales.

  1. Frequent contact builds your prospect’s awareness of your client and what they’re selling. High-quality contacts make your prospect feel like they know, like, and can trust your client – and as these factors build, they can finally push the prospect over the edge into becoming a customer.
  2. Timing can be critical. A prospect may not be ready to buy when they first come to your client, even though they’re showing some interest. If your autoresponder series lasts over weeks, months, or years, you’re more likely to connect with that prospect when they’re finally ready to buy than if you limited your autoresponder series to a week or some similarly short period.
  3. Different prospects respond to different messages. Each autoresponder in the series is an opportunity to focus on a different feature or benefit of what you’re offering – and as you go through the series, it may not be until the 8th or 28th benefit you cover when one particular prospect says, “That’s exactly what I want,” and responds.

Of course, it’s worth testing. And, not every email will increase sales equally. Though, in general, adding more autoresponders to your series (as long as you can keep them relevant and engaging) will increase sales.

And that’s why bringing this idea to your client is a powerful way to get more work. Now, let’s look at how to turn this into another autoresponder project for you.

Here’s How To Land Your Second Project, Fast

Okay, so you’ve written a successful series of autoresponders. Your client has put them to work, and is now generating sales based on what you’ve written.

Here’s your “in.”

Remember the two factors I mentioned above that clients use to decide on the size of your first autoresponder project? First, how many emails an autoresponder series should have. And second, how much your client can budget.

Well, here’s a little hint. I also explained to you that more autoresponders in a series almost always equals more sales and profits. And, now that you’ve written the first chunk of autoresponders and your client is making money off their use, their budget has just gone up.

With their increased budget, they just need a little “reminder” that more autoresponders will equal even more sales.

So, now you go back to that client, and make your recommendation.

You say, “Hey there Mr./Ms. Client – I have an idea that’s going to make you even more money off that autoresponder series I just wrote for you. Do you want to make more money?”

The client’s head nods like a bobblehead doll.

You continue, “Well, here’s my idea. If I wrote seven autoresponders before, and you’re making good money off of those, imagine how much money you’d make if we doubled the number of emails your prospects received … ”

Cue casino jackpot sounds going off in your client’s head.

You ask, “So, would you like me to write seven more?”

The client’s head hasn’t stopped nodding like a bobblehead doll. (No offense intended here, I assure you. If I were in the client’s position, my head would be nodding like a bobblehead doll, too!)

There you go – you just landed a second project, equal to the first. And hey, once the client is running 14 autoresponders profitably, there’s no reason to believe they shouldn’t be running another 14 more.

Not every one of those emails will make as many sales as all the others – there will be some standouts, and some weaker links. But, the sheer volume and frequency of contact will provide your client with a huge – almost invisible – advantage over their competitors, and will insure a steady stream of sales.

And, once they’ve started making sales off your first group of autoresponder emails, you’ve given them the budget they need to continue to hire you to write additional emails for them.


Roy Furr

Roy Furr writes AWAI's weekly Spare Time Biz Success newsletter, sharing different opportunities to make an extra couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars monthly income, in your spare time. He's also an in-demand copywriter and web writer. He more than doubled sales in his full-time client's business, putting them on INC Magazine's list of America's 5000 fastest-growing companies... twice. Here's what a few others have said about Roy: “Roy is an up-and-comer who has written quite a bit for us lately (articles and lifts) with excellent response rates from our file. I’d highly recommend him if you’re looking for some fresh copywriters. He has good ideas, is easy to work with, and meets deadlines.” - Rebecca Matter, American Writers & Artists Inc. “Roy is truly a unique talent and a great person to work with. He understands the role of marketing and how it fits into the overall sales cycle, as well as why the integration of the two are key to success. Roy is an excellent writer and is always enthusiastic about new opportunities. CBT Nuggets’ recent growth would not be as substantial without Roy’s skills.” - Jeff Short, CBT Nuggets “Roy Furr understands power of words in the sales process. I’ve worked on several projects with Roy. He is an excellent copywriter, and understands HTML, design, and marketing. More importantly, he excels at capturing the voice of his client. I look forward to continuing to work with Roy, as he is responsive to the ever-changing communication demands of business. Working with Roy will improve your bottom line.” – David Bullock, www.DavidBullock.com “When Roy completed his first project for me, I told him, ‘This is the best job any of my writers has ever done on an ebook!’ His second project was A+ work as well. Roy’s reliable for delivering high-quality writing and I’d love to work with him again.” - Bob Bly, The man McGraw-Hill calls “America’s Top Copywriter,” www.Bly.com

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