What Clients Want: How to Build Loyal Client Relationships from Day One

Freelance Copywriter and lifelong learner, Ann Jordan-Mills has been exploring the many articles and resources that AWAI and Wealthy Web Writer provide for freelancers, and discovered that Rebecca Matter (Co-Managing Partner and the Vice President of Marketing for AWAI, and Founder of its Wealthy Web Writer division), has written extensively about how you can find and keep clients, and better-paying assignments.

These articles are exactly what freelancers need when prospecting for clients. So, she gathered the information together in this report,  so that you too can benefit from Rebecca’s wisdom.

In this report, you’ll find out how to …

  • Discover what high-paying clients are looking for;
  • Increase your client’s delight and satisfaction so they hire you over and over again;
  • Maintain appropriate communication throughout the project;
  • Expand your contract — extend the work you have been given and find new marketing strategies; and
  • Solve your clients’ marketing problems.

By the end, you’ll have a complete strategy guaranteed to help you nurture your client relationships. You’ll learn what they want, and how to make them happy, so you can build and encourage their long-term loyalty.

Download Free Report

You will need Adobe Reader to view the PDF materials. If you don’t have Adobe Reader you can get it here. It’s FREE!

And if you’d like to learn more from Rebecca Matter …

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