Quick Tip: 3 Ways to Romance a Client

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A well-known fact in business is that it’s easier and less expensive to keep current customers than to find new ones. As copywriters, we need to keep this principle in mind from the moment we get our first client.

Here are 3 tips for turning a one-time client into a long-term one.

  1. Under-promise and over-deliver.

    Everybody likes something for nothing … including your client. So give him a little bit extra when you deliver your promotion.

    If you promised to write a letter, teaser copy, and reply device, throw in a top-of-the-line lift note as an extra. Explain that he’s free to use it if he wants to … and that it’s your way of thanking him for the project.

  2. Schedule for on-time delivery.

    Always deliver on time. To ensure that you do, pad your schedule slightly when first discussing the project with the client. If you feel you can get it done in two weeks, ask for three. That gives you a built-in safety net in case something comes up.

    Take the time you need to write powerful copy. But if you’re ready to send it off a couple of days early, go ahead and do it.

  3. Proof ’til it hurts.

    Deliver super-clean copy by proofing extensively. Your computer’s spell-checker is not good enough. Before you send copy to the client, proof it yourself. Then print it out and have someone else read it out loud while you follow along.

[Editorial Note: This article was originally run on AWAI and is published here with permission.]

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