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I was reading an article this week written by a hospice nurse about the things people regret as they near the end of their life. More often than not, the number one thing people wish they had done differently was to give more time to their dreams.

I’m working with another woman on a big, lofty project and she challenges me on a weekly basis not only to dream big, but to tell my big dreams to people so that I don’t have an excuse for not pursuing them.

As a member of Wealthy Web Writer, you’ve expressed a big dream to be a successful web writer, in control of your own schedule and financially secure. That’s a great step in the right direction, but are you making time for your dream?

We all have reasons for not taking the steps we need to in order to turn our dreams into something real. Busy schedules, bills, the fear of failure, success, or ridicule … the list can be a long one. But, my challenge to you this week is to accept those fears and obstacles and then make time for your dream anyway.

Put Fear in its Place

Part of dreaming big is visualizing what you want. As a web writer, visualization is an important skill because you can also use it write more effective copy. In fact, in Jay White’s recent article on writing better autoresponders, he talks about how visualization is a proven way to get people to take action. So, why not use this technique on yourself?

Next, read Mindy’s blog on beating anxiety. Anxiety and fear are two big things that hold you back. They stop you from dreaming big and they keep you from making progress when you do dream big. Find out her simple suggestion for dealing with anxiety quickly and effectively.

Then, check out member Kristina Stiffler’s article on how to manage your projects better. Her technique will help you better prepare for projects from your clients, but you can also adapt it to better plan for your own personal projects … the ones that will help you reach your big dreams.

Get Ready for the Big Time …

So your job this week, is to commit to your big dream. Here’s what to do in a nutshell.

Monday: Think about it … what do you really want out of your web-writing career? If the sky was the limit, if there was nothing to hold you back, what would your career look like? What would success look like? Write down the details.

Tuesday: Here’s the scary part … pick three people in your life who you trust to support you and tell them your dream. Tell them you plan to make it happen, that you’re going to make time for your dream, and that they have permission to ask you now and again how things are coming along.

Wednesday: Come up with a visualization for your dream. You can imagine it in your head or you can make a collage. Commit at least five minutes a day to visualizing or meditating on your collage.

Thursday: Decide what the next three logical steps are toward making your dream come true. Write them down and schedule time to complete them.

Friday: Join the Wealthy Web Writer Challenge. It’s your last day to opt in, and I guarantee one of the most significant things you can do to accomplish your web writer dream is get your professional website online so that people can find you.

That’s all for today. Have a productive week!

Heather Robson

Heather Robson

Managing editor of Wealthy Web Writer, Heather has over ten years of content marketing and development experience.

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