The Reality Blog: 11 Things You Didn’t (But Should) Know About Blogging


Dear Web Writer,

If I have any doubters out there about the profit potential of blogging, I’d like you to change your tune.

Katie McCaskey, a Wealthy Web Writer member, recently landed a blogging gig that nets her an easy $1,000/month.

My own sparse blog nabbed me repeat jobs with a new client.

Blogging works and can earn you money. Those of you competing in the latest Wealthy Web Writer Challenge are on the right track (it’s about creating a blog).

TODAY is the last day to opt in. It’s free to enroll and you might win a premier program worth up to $497.

With that, let me share some of the newest blog revelations I’ve uncovered.

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Today’s Top 11 Blogging Tips

1.) Make yourself stand out.
I can’t tell you how to do this, only that you should do it. There are a LOT of bloggers out there. Some are good, many are mediocre. Do something to make your blog more unique than the average and you’ll reap success. At the very least, aim to be different from the other blogs in your industry. Check out blogs on topics different from yours for ideas.

2.) Read more than you write.
Reading is learning. Learning makes your writing better.

3.) Use SEO in your blog.
Pick three to four keywords relevant to your specialty and thread them through your different blog posts. Don’t use all of them every day, but aim to use one at least once a week.

4.) Always write with relevance to your prospect.
Unless you’re a major celebrity, your readers don’t want all the details of your personal life. Feel free to share a little and show your human side, but make sure every post includes a take-home message for your reader.

5.) Use Twitter for quick access to scores of blogging tips.
Log on to Twitter and type #blogtips in the search box (don’t forget the hashtag). You’ll have all the best, current advice at your fingertips.

6.) Repurpose your blog content to advertise your blog.
Take clips from your blogs and put them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

7.) Automate your editorial calendar.
The best blogs are consistent, and the best way to do that is to stick to a schedule. If that daunts you, I suggest using a program that schedules them for you so you can plan and write ahead. Imagine the freedom you’ll feel if you map out your posts weeks in advance! It blows my mind. I’ve gotta try it. If your blog is in WordPress, try this plugin (and thanks to Claire Talbott for letting me know about it!).

8.) Listen and respond to feedback.
Whether you send your blog posts out via email or just post them on your site, comments matter. It’s almost like a peer review in web copy — others will see things that you simply can’t (or won’t) because you’re “too close” to the post. Always take the time to respond to comments about your blog and seriously consider any suggestions or criticism.

9.) Goals are important.
Why are you writing your blog in the first place? Are you trying to up the number of subscribers to your e-letter or emailed blog posts? Do you hope to see a boost in the conversion of your web traffic? Make a goal so you stay motivated and don’t give up when things get tedious.

10.) You’ve got to love your topic.
I’ve seen this tip voiced by a lot of well-known, professional bloggers. If you don’t love what you’re writing about, you won’t do very well. You’ve got to be passionate enough about your topic to want to invest a ton of effort in understanding it.

11.) At the end of the day, content is still king.
We know this, we’re web writers! Always remember, a single great post is worth far more than multiple mediocre posts. Takes more time to write, sure. But, definitely worth it!

That’s it for now. I’m off to … er … nail more projects than I technically have time for. I’m fighting to the finish to hit my goal, with only 21 days left. I still need $2,200 in projects. At this point, that tiny amount feels bigger than a mountain.

Great weekend wishes to you,


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NOTE: See The Complete Reality Blog Here

Mindy Tyson McHorse

Mindy Tyson McHorse

Executive Editor for The Barefoot Writer, Mindy McHorse writes for clients in the biz-opp, alternative medicine, and self-help world.


  • Great tips, Mindy! Glad to see I’m using some of them already and you’ve given me valuable guidance to implement into my own blog. I trust you will EXCEED your financial goal.

    • Thanks, Sue! Enthusiasm like yours TOTALLY charges me up and keeps me going. I’m certainly enjoying this journey, no matter what else happens.

      And good for you — I hope your blog efforts really start paying off, I’m impressed!

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