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We’ve got it here… A steady stream of live webinars and teleconferences, plus an archive of video and audio playbacks for each past event.

We cover how to get started, how to choose a niche, and then more guts and glory on the details of making it all work for you.

5 Tips for Increasing Your Competitive Advantage Over Other Freelancers

By Rebecca Matter | September 7, 2010

Recorded: September 7th, 2010
During this presentation with Rebecca Matter you’ll discover five things you can do with every client to make sure you remain competitive, while at the same time ensure your clients value you and your work.

Main Street Money Machines: How to Reap Heaps of Profits From Local Businesses Using Your Autoresponder Copywriting Talents

By Jay White | August 31, 2010

Recorded: August 31st, 2010
In this can’t-miss session, Autoresponder Apprentice creator Jay White will reveal his specific step-by-step strategies for tapping into one of the least pursued (yet amazingly lucrative) autoresponder copywriting markets: the local business owner.

SEO 101

By Heather Lloyd Martin | August 31, 2010

Recorded: August 31th, 2010
During this teleconference SEO copywriting pioneer, Heather Lloyd-Martin will give you an overview of the SEO Copywriting Market. Even if you’re a brand-new copywriter, you can jump in right away and start making solid money from day one as an SEO copywriter.

Find the Niche That’s Right For You

By Nick Usborne | August 23, 2010

Recorded: August 23rd, 2010
During this webinar Nick Usborne will show you his detailed process that you can follow so that you can confidently select a niche that’s right for you.

Where to Find Clients and How to Land Them

By Joshua Boswell | August 18, 2010

Recorded: August 18th, 2010
Getting clients is the #1 fear web writer’s face as they start their freelance business. Join Joshua Boswell as he shares where you need to go in order to find clients, how to approach them and the steps you need to take in order to land them.

How to “Sell” SEO to Current And New Clients

By Heather Lloyd Martin | August 11, 2010

Recorded: August 11th, 2010
Join Heather Lloyd-Martin for this exclusive webinar where she shows you how to upsell your clients using simple, available strategies everyone has at their disposal including 5 tips to make even more money as a Search Engine Optimization Copywriting VIP.

Web Copywriting and Usability: Your Role in Making Sure the Content Works

By Pam Foster | August 3, 2010

Recorded: August 3rd, 2010
The biggest kiss of death for a website is confusion. If a visitor arrives at a site and can’t find what she needs, she’s gone in six seconds. And no matter how wonderful your copywriting is, if it’s placed in a funky layout that’s difficult to read or navigate, you’re sunk. Join Pam Foster for this webinar to better understand website usability.

Performing Effective Keyword Research with SBI

By Wealthy Web Writer | July 28, 2010

Recorded: July 28th, 2010
Find out the importance of keyword research throughout the entire business cycle… from niche finding to page-building to identifying adsense potential to investigating and learning from your competition to noting market trends, etc.

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