Your 12-Step Roadmap To Becoming A Well-Paid, Working Web Writer: Module 2

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Your Quick Guide To Writing Quality Web Copy

What’s in This Module

The Basics Of Writing Good Copy

As Nick Usborne puts it, “Writing online is profoundly different from writing for any other medium.”

A lot of people don’t understand this. They write for the Web like they were trained to write in school. On the Web, that style of writing falls flat. It’s confusing to online visitors. Dull, even.

This is why web writers get paid so much money. Writing for the Web is a subtle art. Anybody can learn it, but you have to take the time to master the fine distinctions that captivate and convert online visitors (as opposed to boring them and losing their attention).

It’s a lot like basketball. Pretty much anybody can throw a ball into a hoop. And, to the untrained eye, a pick-up game of basketball in a park looks about the same as a professional NBA game, save for the sleek uniforms.

But, any major basketball fan knows there’s a tremendous difference between what happens on an NBA court versus a park court. Professional players can make it look so easy because they’ve taken the time to master all the subtle skills and strategies.

The same goes for web writing. Virtually anybody can write. But, to master the ingenious strategies that make web writing effective is to separate yourself from the throng of people who simply know how to pen a sentence.

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Mindy Tyson McHorse

Mindy Tyson McHorse

Executive Editor for The Barefoot Writer, Mindy McHorse writes for clients in the biz-opp, alternative medicine, and self-help world.


  • The links in this article don’t work…not a good ad for someone purporting to teach webwriting!

    • Hi Gavin,

      I tested each of the links and they all worked for me. Please let me know which link failed for you. Also, keep in mind the bulleted links at the top are in-page links… they make it easier to navigate to the sections on this page and aren’t meant to go to a new page. Let me know about questions. Thanks!

  • I’ve noticed that only the first one or two links work in the modules. Is it restricted by whether or not we’re free or paid members?

  • Is this the end of the article. Quoting the last sentence on the first page of the article: “The same goes for web writing. Virtually anybody can write. But, to master the ingenious strategies that make web writing effective is to separate yourself from the throng of people who simply know how to pen a sentence.”

    Asking because if I’ve missed the rest of the article, then it’s because I can’t seem to find the caret for turning the page.

    On the other hand, if this is the end of the article, I find it woefully underinformative. “The basics”… does this not suggest a how-to article vs. a “what it’s like” article? Respectfully I’m asking to be advised. Thanks.

  • Hello! It’s 2014 and my links don’t work (I’ve fallen and can’t get up!….almost works!)

    So the links I’m clicking don’t take me anywhere but to the same first page.

    Any suggestions or clues as to how this works?

    I just read about this product today, 7-27-2014.

    Thanks for time and attention.

    An AWAI COS Member who’s tuning up for AWAI Bootcamp.


  • Hi, the links don’t work for me either. Thought maybe they were removed by a certain date but I just saw someone say they worked in 2015. Please help.

    • Nada,

      If you mean the links at the top, they are anchor links. You must be logged in for them to work properly. I’ve tested them all and they do work for me. Please double check your log in status and let me know if they still aren’t working. Thank you!

      • No Heather, for the webinars listed in this 12 step program. I am logged in but each webinar takes me to a page that doesn’t work. I’m using Google Chrome if that helps.

        • So on this page, the link not working for you is: Web Copywriting And Usability: Your Role In Making Sure The Content Works

          Do the links to the articles work?

          If you copy and paste the link below into your browser, does it take you to the webinar?

          Sorry for all the questions, just trying to zero in on what’s happening. On my end, each of the links is working, so it’s hard to figure out without more information.

          • Sorry this took so long Heather,
            The link even if copied and pasted into another browser still say the same thing. It takes me to the page with the webinar but if I click on play webinar then I get “service unavailable.”

          • Hi Nada,

            That may be a Webex compatibility issue. (That’s our webinar host). Are you on a Mac or PC? What’s your current operating system. Also tablet or laptop? Thanks!

  • Well I see that this is an older article and that people had trouble, as far back as 2012, getting links to work properly. I am having the same issue in 2018. I am logged in but I am on iOS and feel like that is probably the issue.

    • Hi Richard,

      If you could let me know which links aren’t working and what happens when you click them, that will help me figure out what’s going wrong.

      Thank you!

  • Hello,
    I tried opening the link for the copywriting 2.0,but I got something else,can you help ?

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