The “Picasso Approach” for Increasing Your Web-Writing Skills and Profit Within the Next 90 Days

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“My mother said to me, ‘If you become a soldier, you’ll become a general.
If you become a monk, you’ll end up as the Pope.’
Instead, I became an artist and wound up as Picasso.” — Picasso

What are you becoming? There’s always more inside of you if you’re willing to take action and try something new.

Become a copywriting “Picasso!”

In my relentless drive towards copywriting mastery, I’m passionate about becoming a Picasso. I consider it my mission to bring “never-before-seen-color” and clarity to every sentence I write about a client’s product or service.

Here’s how to find your inner-Picasso … get paid for it … and become more than just one who writes:

“Dig” (as in, Like) Research

Exceptional copywriters dig deep beneath the surface where raw emotions, desires, deeper benefits, etc., exist. Moving a shovel of facts, features, and benefits here and there is sure to uncover a priceless gem. And, discovering that one gem will often tip the content over the edge.

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Eddie Stephens

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    Great article with great ideas. And your writing style is very much a conversational one that’s easy to read. Thanks for such an engaging read.

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