Pitching Online Video Writing Projects to B2B Clients: What You Need to Know


Date: February 10, 2011

Time: 3PM ET

Topic: Online B2B Video Projects

Speaker: Pete Savage

“Marketing with online video is so new, I’m finding that lots of B2B companies have either jumped in already, or are dying to get going!” says 10-year B2B copywriting veteran Pete Savage. “But… clients do have questions, so it’s important that copywriters know a few essentials about what to say when discussing video projects with clients. I’ll cover these essentials on the webinar, and give you some examples of the recent client conversations I’ve had.”

Online video scriptwriting is a service that every B2B copywriter should consider adding to their suite of writing services — NOW!  But since this niche is so NEW, many copywriters have questions about how to pitch projects, and what to say to clients about online video. This seminar will arm you with the right information to present to clients, so you can better serve them by helping them take advantage of this amazingly popular new marketing tool.

You’ll learn…

  • What to say when pitching projects to clients (including how Pete used the piggyback technique to create a video project idea that the client loved (and approved!)
  • How to anticipate and address your client’s questions about online video
  • An overview of the benefits of online video to your client and how to integrate these benefits into your client conversations
  • Why online video script writing is the perfect ‘partner’ project to social media projects
  • The ‘built-in’ differentiation opportunity you can ONLY get with online video (This is something EVERY new B2B copywriter worries about… but you’ll see how online video presents you with an opportunity to overcome this like no other niche.)
  • The latest industry insight that shows why B2B marketers are excited about using online video in 2011


Pete will take you behind the scenes into his most recent client conversations, so you can hear what his very own clients are saying about online video!

Your host is B2B copywriter Pete Savage, author of How to Write Online Video Scripts for B2B Companies.Pete’s client experience reads like a who’s who of B2B companies, including BlackBerry, 3M, NCR, Delta, Motorola, HP and dozens of others.

Don’t miss this chance to see how a 10-year copywriting veteran sells his writing services to clients, and pick up invaluable insight to help you profit from this scorching hot web writing niche!

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Pete Savage

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