The 7 Essential Pillars for Building a Rock-Solid Freelance Business

Date: March 30, 2011

Time: 3PM ET

Speaker: Ed Gandia

Many freelancers mistakenly believe that the more they know, the more they’ll earn. Or that better copywriting, SEO or analytics skills will automatically translate to more clients, more projects and a higher income.

Yes — more knowledge and improved skills are important. But a look at highly successful freelancers shows that there are other key factors at play. Factors that have a much bigger bearing on your overall success as a solo professional.

Join Ed Gandia for this exclusive Wealthy Web Writer webinar, where you’ll discover…

  • The biggest determining factor of freelance success… and why you must focus on doing this smarter and better
  • How to take away the fear of selling your services
  • A different (yet powerful!) way to look at your workday for increased performance
  • The surprising reason many clients will hire you over and over again (and even refer you to their colleagues)
  • The biggest reason freelancers quit — and how to easily avoid this
  • How to set the right strategic direction for your solo business
  • How to sustain a high income month to month and avoid much of the instability so many freelancers struggle with
  • And much more!

Ed is a successful B2B copywriter and a co-author of the bestselling and award-winning book, The Wealthy Freelancer. His advice and insights have been featured in CNN Radio, CBS Radio News, DM News, AirTran’s Go magazine and The Writer, among others.

Don’t miss this chance to pick up valuable ideas and insights that could help take your solo business from good to great!

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Ed Gandia


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