How to Start Any Web-Writing Project

We’ve all been there. You just won a new web-writing project, and after the initial celebration ended, panic snuck in. Maybe it’s one of your first jobs as a web writer, maybe it’s in a new niche, or maybe it’s for a really big client. Either way, negativity is setting in and you’re no longer sure you’ll know what to say or how to say it.

But, there’s no need to worry. I once heard someone explain that not knowing what to say — or writer’s block — only comes from not doing enough research. If you prepare and research enough, you’ll never experience writer’s block.

Before I heard these wise words, I used to fire up the computer and sit there, just waiting for an idea to come to mind. It didn’t work very well. I quickly learned that when I thoroughly researched a project, I always knew exactly how to get started and what to say. This must be true for others, as well, because I’ve heard many copywriters say they spend 50%-75% of an entire project just on research.

I’ve personally used research to eliminate writer’s block from my life. Here are my secrets:

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Christina Gillick


  • Christina,

    Thanks for such a thorough list. Getting everything from the client ranks high on my list too.You never know when you’ll use some of it! Your important questions helped me a lot!


  • Outstanding. Have a new client I’ll be meeting with this week, and among other things, it’s good to hear you like to record meetings as well. At times I feel uncomfortable asking, but it’s just to valuable to ignore.

    Your article is full of very useful advice and actionable information.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Geary,

      I’ve never had a client say no when I ask to record them. It’ll get easier the more you do it.

      I like to pretend I’m a reporter on TV or something “Do you mind if I record this interview?” as I’m hitting record 😉

      I wish an edit feature was available too! It would save me from having to re-read this comment 5 times before I hit submit 🙂

      Thanks for reading,
      Christina Gillick

  • Excellent article. Your checklist of important questions really helps me to organize my thoughts about a project very effectively. Recording the interview is a great idea – a lawyer friend advises that I include my request and the client’s agreement to an interview on the recording to document the consent. I guess that’s what you do as you hit the record button while asking, and it seems a good point to remember.

    • That is great advice. I haven’t heard that before and I haven’t actually made a point to get the consent on the recording…

      But it makes perfect sense and I will definitely do that in the future.

      Thank you for the tip!

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