How To Research Your Audience’s Voice For More Successful Web Copy

By now, you probably know research is a large part of any web-writing project. But, did you know a large part of your research should be dedicated to learning how your audience — your target market — speaks? In fact, the words you use and how you use them can make the difference between writing successful copy and writing copy that flops.

If you don’t use words your audience would use — and if you don’t write in a language they will relate to — they will immediately pick up on it and the chance of them knowing, liking, and trusting you is minimal at best.

Take this scenario for instance:

You’re a new mom. You’re interested in buying a safer car for your new family. You go to a dealership where the salesman starts talking about MPGs, front-wheel drive, horsepower, four-cylinder vs. six-cylinder engines, continuously-variable transmissions and chrome door handles. You don’t care how many horses your car has or what kind of transmission … you just want a safe car. Which he would have known, if he had bothered to ask you.

You go to another dealership. The salesman asks you what you’re looking for and why? You instantly feel more at ease because it’s clear he cares about what you want and need. You tell him you are looking for a safe car for your new family. He tells you about air bags and how they’ll protect your family in the event of an accident. He mentions the other safety features and takes the time to explain why each feature is important. And, instead of talking about MPGs, he talks about how much gas you’ll save and how you’ll have more money for diapers.

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Christina Gillick

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  • Thanks for this information. I love this concept of understanding the customer. If it adds one tidbit of knowledge in writing or creating headlines, it will make an impact.

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