The Reality Blog: How To Make B2B Work For Your Passion

Stork delivers baby

Stork delivers baby
Dear Web Writer,

Last Wednesday, I shared two B2B-inspired revelations.

One was that B2B is not as dull and lifeless as some of us first imagined (and I know I’m not alone in this).

The second was that you can take a B2B approach to virtually any passion you have.

I promised I’d be back today to share how I can see B2B fitting into my overall plan, so here goes …

My Aha Moment — Revealed

First off, I have a secret. If you listen to the Reality Blog Check-In teleconference scheduled for this Thursday, you’ll learn the details. It has to do with me taking on a new “experiment” in differentiating myself. I’ll be talking to Rebecca about how I plan to do this and why.

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Mindy Tyson McHorse

Mindy Tyson McHorse

Executive Editor for The Barefoot Writer, Mindy McHorse writes for clients in the biz-opp, alternative medicine, and self-help world.


  • Hi Mindy: thanks for today’s blog! I am happy to hear that you have decided to differentiate yourself – in effect, start over.

    Why am I happy? Because the recent enforced break I have just experienced, is making me (allowing me?) to do the exact same thing.

    My new niche is in Social Media, and I am in the process of creating a brand new professional website to reflect that. Yesterday I wrote my About Me page, based on what Rebecca shared with us last week – and I must say, it was fun to write, as I stated the WWW oath, left my modesty at the door, and followed her steps and advice.

    I have a few more pages to write (and edit) from my ‘old’ professional website, and I’ll be ready to go live and start to promote my new services.

    I look forward to listening to your call with Rebecca on Thursday, because I know that I will get some good ideas and advice. I look forward to sharing the journey – as we both start from scratch!

  • sounds great Mindy! I’d love a step by step guide to figuring out the b2b niche! Good luck with it! Jen

  • Mindy, I apologize! I went to vote 5 stars for your article, and it only registered 1 star!
    This is a great post showing us how you can expand your passion in so many interesting ways in B2B. I look forward to hearing more about how you’re going to differentiate yourself.

  • Mindy, as always your blogs and videos are so clear and focused. And seem to hit me exactly where I live. Thanks.

    I’m at work on Jay’s AutoResponder Apprentice and am planning on combining ARs with B2B. They both fit me so well.

    Looking forward to more! Stephanie

  • Mindy, I’ve been doing this, too. The way you’ve followed the path from one item to other B2B businesses is great and inspires me to keep digging. Great ideas!
    Thanks for always writing such clear and logical articles.

    Always encouraging!

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