3-Minute Guru: Backing Up Your Website


Just last week, Rebecca Matter weighed in on the importance of protecting your website from getting hacked and being prepared in case it does.

In this 3-Minute Guru, you’ll learn more about the most crucial step in being prepared – backing up your website.


Karen Kanakanui


  • Hi Karen, I just googled Value Press. Mostly it’s press release info. I tried valuepress.com and there was no results. Do you know if it’s still in business? Thank you.

  • Estrella – My bad – it’s VaultPress, not Value Press. I mis-typed it and then narrated it wrong, too. Sorry about that! Karen

  • My webhosting and ISP provider charges $15/month for hosting each site I have with them. I load the site and forget it until I want to change or update.

    They do a 100% backup of my sites EVERY HOUR!!! And again every day, and every week. And nobody
    outside of the company can get access to those backups — even the clown who destroyed the web sites
    and all backups of a friend of mine when he left the company.

    If anything happens (hacker attack or anything else), they can restore my entire site or all of them
    WITHIN MINUTES. And I get all of this for $15/month. They’re located north of Denver. They have a
    Class A network storage facility, and their reliability is excellent. I”ve used them now for close to 10
    years. With only rare exceptions, any problems I’ve had were related to the common carriers who provided my data transmission service between home/office and the ISP site.


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