3-Minute Guru: How to Make a Video Using Power Point


Adding videos to your website is a way to draw traffic, add value, and engage visitors. It’s a strategy you can use for your own professional website and a service you can offer to your clients.

In this 3-Minute Guru video learn:

  • How to put together a professional-looking Power Point slide presentation.
  • How to use recording software to create a narrated video using the presentation you create.

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Amy Posner

I'm a business owner based in the Pacific Northwest. I've been a copywriter since 1991 and in 2010 copywriting has been the primary focus of my business. I'm wired for enterpreneurship and love marketing and usually have a few things going at once. I thrive on ideas and action.


  • Thank you for this, Amy, it is just what I need! I think I have been procrastinating just because I needed to stop and find out exactly how to put the vocal narration into the Power Point Slide Show (which I already know how to do).
    What is the essential difference between Jing and Camtasia? I hadn’t heard of Jing – but it sounds like enough for what I need right now.


    • Hey Ann, This is Amy from the better-late-than-never department. I’ve been away, hence the delay. Glad you found the video helpful. I think it’s one of those processes that seems more complicated than it is, so you tend to put it off. For a while, every time I made a video I had to think it through all over again…

      Jing and Camtasia are made by the same company: TechSmith. Jing allows you to create videos up to 5 minutes long using a webcam. It’s very inexpensive, about $20 and is quick to learn. Camtasia allows you to create (and edit) videos of any length, it’s feature rich, not necessarily super intuitive, but not hard to learn either, but it’s considerably more expensive – $300+.

      Hope that helps and the response isn’t too late to be meaningful.

  • Yes Jing is a good choice for this job. I have both Camtasia and Jing.
    With Jing I can work faster and easier, because it is a little software with only one job – making a video of your desktop.

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