How Prison Break Can Help You Create A Killer Swipe File

cork board with notes

cork board with notesHave you ever watched a movie or television show where the slightly strange main character has a plan? And, this particular plan requires covering an entire wall with maps, receipts, tickets, notes, pictures, index cards, and random scribbles that no one else can read?

I’ve seen tons of these shows and movies; a few that come to mind are Prison Break, The Next Three Days, and every detective show there is.

And, if you were to see my office walls, you might think I also have a plan — and I do. But, my plan isn’t to break someone out of prison … My plan is to be the best autoresponder copywriter the self-help industry has ever seen.

And how does my wall help me with that? Well, my wall contains my plan (just like they do in the movies) in the form of my very own, slightly strange, swipe file.

For me, typical swipe files leave something to be desired. They lack the visual inspiration I need to get my mind churning and my blood pumping …

Let me pause here, in case you have no idea what a swipe file is. To explain it in simple terms, here’s Wikipedia to the rescue: A swipe file is “a collection of tested and proven ads and sales letters. Keeping a swipe file is a common practice used by advertising copywriters and creative directors as a ready reference of ideas for projects.”

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Christina Gillick

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  • Love this idea. Like you it’s often just a small piece of a promotion that really grabs me… never thought of taking just that part and putting it up on my “Swipe Wall”. Thanks for the idea – I’ll definitely be putting it to work for me.

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