May’s Wealthy Web Writer Challenge: Create a Lead-Generation Plan


May’s Challenge is here! This month, our newest Challenge is to create a lead-generation system on your website. Most lead-generations systems consist of the following:

  • An email list manager like AWeber or MailChimp.
  • A sign-up box on your website.
  • A reason to sign up (like a free report or an autoresponder series).
  • A plan to connect with people who do sign up.

Those are the basic parts, but you can do all sorts of variations or different approaches, so your creativity can really come into play.

The value of a good lead-generation system is that it helps you begin building relationships with prospects, so that when they need your type of services, you’ll be the first person they think of.

A good lead-generation system will automate some of your marketing and help you avoid feast-or-famine cycles, which is a good thing.

And, to reward you for your hard work, one Challenge participant who comes up with an effective lead-generation system and who shows a good sense of creativity and innovation will win a valuable prize.

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  • Count me in. I just started putting something so this challenge will help ensure that I finish it. As always, thanks for the great advice and most of all for the loads of encouragement.

  • Welcome Everyone!

    I’m so glad you’ve all decided to participate. Please remember to post your questions here as you work on the challenge. And, watch for updates in your email inbox!


  • OK. Got Mail Chimp up and running. Contact me for more info form is on every page on my website. Now working on step 2: free report for newsletter subscription. Once that’s done, I’ll incorporate into my site. That’s my goal for this week.

  • First freebie now complete–8 Tips for Creating A Successful Podcast Series.

    Will incorporate it into my website by this Friday.

    Next week I’ll get my newsletter editorial calendar done for the next 3 months and my first issue outlined. By week 3 in June, first newsletter should be ready to go.

    Then–it’s traffic gen time. Now if I could only figure out how to lose weight from doing all this stuff, life would be even more perfect! 🙂

  • How is everyone else doing? It’s definitely a challenge getting this done in the middle of everything else going on in your life, isn’t it? 😉

    I did finally manage to get the freebie integrated with the subscription to my newsletter on my website. It seems to be working. But until it’s been tested by folks other than me, I could just be dreaming. So testing it is the next step.

    I would be grateful if any of you would try it out and let me know how the process worked for you. You can try it at Obviously by all means, immediately unsubscribe after you get the free download if you don’t want to continue to get my newsletter and/or keep being a guinea pig as I go through this.

    And I’m happy to test yours if you let me know!

    Thanks and have a terrific week!

  • Hi everyone. Today’s the day! Make sure you either send me the link to your site or post here as your official entry. I can wait to see the results of all your hard work!


  • Hello! I’d like to participate however I only have a microsite right now so not sure how to handle this. Thanks for any tips.

    • Hi Darcy,

      The challenge is focused on the writing of your lead generation piece, so you can participate whether you have a site ready or not. Looking forward to seeing your submission!

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