5 Easy-To-Create Bait Pieces You Can Offer On Your Website

A bait piece on your website can help you draw traffic and capture leads. The first step in developing a winning bait piece is to come up with a strong topic. If you missed it, check out “How to Choose a Topic for Your Bait PIece” for help with this.

Once you decide on your bait piece topic, let’s talk about how you can present it … There are literally hundreds of ways to package your content and give it away on your web-writer website, but here are the five easiest and fastest ways to create a bait piece:

1. A special report

Also known as a PDF, white paper, e-book, etc. This type of bait piece is very easy to put together. You can even record yourself explaining your topic and have it transcribed. Then, you can edit your content in something as simple as Word and save it as a PDF. (Hint: I like to use Google Docs to work on my reports. Then, I click File > Download as > PDF to quickly save them in PDF format.)

Keep in mind, your special report does not have to be long. Quality is more important than quantity and people are busy. Get to the point quickly, and provide them with value. Remember to speak to one person, your ideal client, and to solve their biggest problem.

2. A podcast

Also known as an mp3. Like I mentioned in number 1, you can record yourself explaining your topic and have it transcribed. But, why not skip the whole transcription process and use that recording as a podcast?

Your podcast, like your special report, doesn’t have to be long. Make it just long enough to get your point across — and make it full of value. Just pretend you’re explaining your topic to a friend — tell them the what, but don’t tell them the how.

3. An interview

An interview is basically the same as a podcast, but with two (or more) people. The thing to watch out for here is that you position yourself as the expert. Don’t interview another copywriter because your potential client might call them instead. Have someone ask you the questions — you are the expert.

4. A transcript of an interview

Just take the interview from number 3 and have it transcribed. To make the transcript more valuable, offer an mp3 of the interview, too. Some people like to listen and some people like to read. By offering both, you’ll reach more potential clients, and you’ll increase the chance of them using your bait piece.

5. A video series

A video series is very similar to a podcast, except your audience can see you. This format is great because you can build a relationship with your ideal client while you’re positioning yourself as an expert. They will feel like they know you and they’ll want to work with you even more. Remember to be yourself. You’ll attract people who like you the way you are and they’ll likely be easier to work with.

You can also offer checklists, worksheets, e-books, pocket guides, posters, and more. Just keep in mind, you want to give away enough to get their attention — and position yourself as the expert. But, you don’t want to overwhelm them or give away extra stuff you could possibly sell.

Also, keep in mind that a lot of people will request your free offer and not have time to look over it. Instead of worrying about this, use some of the messages in your autoresponder series to spoon-feed the content to them.

And, of course, include your name, number, email address, website, etc., on every page of your report. If you’re creating an mp3, tell them where to go to hire you (say and spell it) at the beginning of the mp3 and at the end. If you’re doing a video, add a watermark in the corner with your website URL to remind them where to contact you.

Here are some examples of bait pieces you can create (first, if you haven’t read “How To Choose A Topic For Your Bait Piece” yet, you should):

Niche: Fundraising (Event Fundraisers)
Bait Piece: A special report called: “5 Ways To Use White Papers To Raise More Funds At Your Next Event”
Your ideal client would hire you to write: The white paper, possibly press releases, articles, tweets, Facebook updates, and more, depending on your five recommended ways.

Niche: Pet (Veterinarians)
Bait Piece: A video series called: “3 Ways To Use Press Releases To Get Your Vet Clinic Noticed”
Your ideal client would hire you to write: The press releases … and, probably a white paper if you convince them to offer one in their press release (I would).

Niche: Self-Help (Business Opportunity)
Bait Piece: An interview where you reveal “3 Proven Ways To Stop Losing Potential Customers”
Your ideal client would hire you to write: A free report, a series of autoresponders, and a sales letter.

Niche: Health (Vitamin Supplier)
Bait Piece: A special report titled: “3 Steps To Selling More Of Your Vitamin Supplements Online”
Your ideal client would hire you to write: A free report, form copy, SEO copy, autoresponders, articles, press releases, product descriptions, and possibly other copy depending on what you recommend in your report.

Of course, with all of these examples, they might go on to hire you to write web page copy, sales letters, video sales letter scripts, blog posts, etc.

So, how can you choose a topic for your bait piece and create your bait piece in less than a week? It’s easy, just follow these steps:

Monday: Finally determine your niche, if you haven’t already. If you need help, check out this Roving Report: “Choosing a Niche for Your Own Freelance Business with Nick Usborne” by Susanna Perkins.

Tuesday: Decide what problem your ideal client in your niche has and how to solve it. This is your topic. If you need help with this, check out this article: How To Choose A Topic For Your Bait Piece. Also, come up with an appealing title to attract your ideal client’s attention. Use your title to qualify them by mentioning their industry. Titles with numbers usually work well: 3 Ways … 7 Steps … etc.

Wednesday: Decide how you will package it. Will you offer a free report, a video series, or something else? And, outline your offer. If you use “3 Steps” in your title, what are those three steps?

Thursday: Come up with 1-3 points per step — and at least one story or example per point. If you’re just getting started, you can borrow other people’s research … just be sure to disclose who actually ran the test or study or got the results.

Friday: Fill in any missing content and/or record it if you’re making an mp3.

You’re finished! There are still a few more steps to actually getting it into the hands — or computers — of the people who request it, but the hard part is over.

Next, you’ll need to get an email list manager (I love MailChimp), add a sign-up form to your website, and decide how you will follow up with people who accept your offer.

When you’re finished, please leave a comment to share with other members what your bait piece is, and what format you decided on. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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