How To Get More Of Your Ideal Clients To Opt In To Your Lead Generation Offer


In my previous article “How To Choose A Topic For Your Bait Piece,” I talked about how you do not want to convince all your visitors to opt in to your list. Instead, you want only your ideal clients, the people most likely to hire you, to opt in to receive your bait piece. But, when those ideal clients do come to your website, you want to increase the likelihood of them signing up by as much as possible.

Most of us assume if we have an irresistible offer (in plain sight) and we ask for an action, we’ll have no problem getting subscribers … but, that’s not always the case.

Something you think is in plain sight might be completely ignored by visitors because they’re distracted by something else.

For example, I had one client who had an offer near the top of their site, in the sidebar, completely visible to anyone who visited the site, but they weren’t getting the opt-ins they thought they should. I took a look at the site and my attention instantly went to another graphic on their site. Their sign-up form paled in comparison and disappeared into the rest of the page.

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  • Good Day,
    I went to check on the Optimizer that you mention in this post. I found the following…
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