15 Minutes to Fame: Patience Pays Off


I think living in the Internet age screws up my perspective sometimes. The quick and easy access to anything — from information to movies to a platform for paying my bills — makes it seem like things that don’t happen instantly aren’t going to happen at all.

Not true.

Part of building wealth — and as a freelance web writer, I assume you want to build wealth — is laying a strong groundwork for that to happen and giving whatever plan you have the proper care and feeding and the time it needs to grow up.

The same is true of client building. I met a potential client at the Web Intensive in February. I followed up when I got home and again a week later. And then, it seemed like things fizzled. I didn’t think the client would convert. I wasn’t heartbroken or anything, but I liked the prospect and the business, so I followed up occasionally … not with pressure or whining, just a friendly “How are things going?” type of message.

And, this week it paid off. I’ve got a new client and I’ve learned an important lesson. Laying a strong groundwork and patiently giving it the attention it needs — not too much and not too little — often pays big benefits in the end.

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This last week, we added some must-see content to the site.

First, check out member Christina Gillick’s article on how to pick an effective topic for your lead-generation bait piece. If you’re working on the May/June Lead-Generation Challenge, you don’t want to miss this.

Then, read up on Mindy’s most recent goal update. We’re less then halfway through the year, so there’s plenty of time to accomplish your own goals and Mindy gives you the motivation to check-in with yourself and get back on track.

And, make sure you take a look at John’s blog this week. He takes a closer look at ways to develop a Big Idea for your copy. When you write persuasive copy, it’s always more effective if you have a big central idea to grab your reader. But, you can also put John’s tips to work to help you write better article copy, better blog copy, even better social media copy.

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On June 22nd, Rachel Karl shares her winning strategies for locating and landing local clients.

And, on June 29th, Jay White joins us to share the checklist he uses to write stronger, more compelling email marketing messages.

Promoting Your Incentive Piece to Grow Your List

In the last few weeks, we’ve been working on creating a lead-generation system that includes an e-letter (or other keep-in-touch marketing system) and an incentive piece (or bait piece), to get people to sign up.

So, once you’ve got a plan in place and created an incentive, it’s time to start promoting the incentive. Let’s get started.

Day One: The first step is to write some strong promotional copy for your incentive piece. Many of your visitors may simply sign up for your e-letter to get your incentive without needing an extra push, but you want to have something to give those people who aren’t sure a little encouragement. Today, start by listing all the benefits that your incentive delivers to your target audience.

Day Two: Next, take the benefits you came up with yesterday and use those to create a list of possible headlines. Look for headlines that use the 4 U’s that you learned in the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

Day Three: Today, you should work on the lead for your promotional material. Remember, the headline and lead do 80 percent of the work, so make them as strong as possible.

Day Four: Work on the full draft of your promotional material today.

Day Five: Review your promotion. Tweak it. And then, get it posted to your site.

Let me know about your questions. Next week, I’ll talk a little about ways you can promote your incentive piece on sites other than your own …

Heather Robson

Heather Robson

Managing editor of Wealthy Web Writer, Heather has over ten years of content marketing and development experience.

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