Crafting Powerful Taglines For Yourself And Your Clients

Targeting a single customer in a larger group and getting a direct hit with an arrow.

If you missed the last Wealthy Web Writer Membership Meeting, you really missed out. Rebecca Matter revealed what you can expect from WWW in the future and how to get the most out of all the great content that’s coming up.

And, she even mentioned how you can use your membership to start making a name for yourself as a web writer. Catch up by listening to it here.

During this webinar, Rebecca also gave a small discussion on taglines; why it’s important to have one and how you can come up with one for your own business.

She said lacking a tagline “signals that you don’t really know what your business is. You haven’t put in the work to figure out your niche and what you’re focusing on and what makes you different. What’s your USP or Unique Selling Proposition? Why should I hire you over anybody else?”

The last thing you want is your potential clients stumbling around your website wondering why they should hire you.

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Christina Gillick


  • This is the tagline I developed for my resume writing and job search services.

    Marketing your most precious commodity – YOU!


  • I came up with this one years ago, for my computer-skills training company:
    “Our goal is Computer-Friendly Users”
    My blog is at
    Sadly, I haven’t posted to the blog a lot in the past year or so, due to my “day job” and life getting in the way. 2012 is my year for change, and I hope to do more of what I like to do – writing and webdesign!

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