17 Things you must understand when writing for the web.

Date: August 17th, 2011

Time: 12pm, Eastern Time

Topic: Writing for the Web

Speaker: Nick Usborne

No matter where you are in your web-writing career, it never hurts to take a moment to refresh yourself on the basics of what works when it comes to web copy. Nick Usborne joins Wealthy Web Writer for this foundational webinar on effective copywriting techniques that every web writer should be using. Join us to hone your web writing skills and brush up on a few fundamentals you may have forgotten about.

  • Key points of difference between offline and online copywriting
  • How people read online
  • Why the web is the ultimate direct response medium
  • How to write a homepage that works
  • Why interaction is key to online writing success
  • How to deal with visitors who scan before they read, if they read
  • And much more

Join us for this important event!

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Nick Usborne

Nick Usborne

An award winning copywriter and direct response marketing, Nick Usborne made the switch to copywriting exclusively for the Web in 1997 and is a leading expert in the industry.


  • this webinar is informative and interesting!
    but there is two #7’s making the numbers off when he goes thru the list
    thought you would want to kno

  • The webinar was dated, however, the copywriting principles Nick shares are timeless, and they are what’s most important. The part I liked best was when he was showing us the car website. I didn’t understand on my own why the copy was inappropriate for the web. But then he helped me see it from the prospect’s point of view, and I got it. The webinar, the article, and the slideshow are all upcycling the same content, but that extra little bit in the webinar made it worthwhile to me.

    • Hi Angela, Wealthy Web Writer has been around for more than 10 years now, so we do have a lot of older content in addition to the new content that we add every week. I’m glad you enjoyed this webinar with Nick. It’s a classic.

  • Sorry about the picture. I shouldn’t have signed up with this account. I used to use it for roleplay back in the day, and I used Lena Headey as my avatar. I believe that’s my old gravatar. It’s okay if you don’t want to approve my comment for that reason.

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