Live Teleconference with Nick Usborne


Date: November 8th, 2011

Time: 3 p.m., Eastern Time

Topic: Online Copywriting

Presenter: Nick Usborne

EMarketer predicts e-commerce will grow 13.7% this year, and estimates that the total U.S. e-commerce sales in 2015 will reach $269.8 billion…

And there’s no end to its growth in sight!

Fortunately, on November 8th you can learn how you can take advantage of it during a free teleconference with one of the best and most experienced online copywriters in the world – Nick Usborne.

Nick has written online copy for big name companies like MSN, Wells Fargo Bank, the U.S. Navy, The New York Times, Encyclopedia Britannica, Disney, Intuit, and America Online…

And during this exclusive teleconference, he’ll explain everything you need to know to break into and make it as an online copywriter in 2012.

Listen to the playback.

As a special bonus, Wealthy Web Writer members can have their questions answered by Nick and Rebecca in the comments. Just post them in the comments below and check back for answers.

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Wealthy Web Writer

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