Client Hero Habits for Web Writers

Date: January 31, 2012

Time: 3pm, Eastern Time

Topic: Working with clients

Presenter: Pam Foster

When it comes to working with clients and leaving them eager to hire you again, there’s no better person to ask for advice than Pam Foster. In this live webinar event, Pam shares some of the habits she’s developed that help to turn web writers into heroes… at least as far as the people who are hiring you are concerned.

During this event, you’ll learn:

  • The first thing you should always do when client asks you for a proposal.
  • How to build and implement good communication habits that will keep you and your client on the same page.
  • A checklist you should use every time before submitting your draft to a client.
  • What to do when a project is finished that almost guarantees you more work from your client.
  • And much more.

Join us for this event and discover how you can build habits of your own that will leave your clients delighted and searching for opportunities to hire you again.

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Pam Foster

Pam Foster

As a certified SEO Copywriter and web content consultant, Pam is an expert on managing client relationships and has written multiple programs on landing and working with great clients.

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  • As a fan of Pam Foster, I’ve got all of her programs. Yet she still provides fresh new insights. Thanks for this Pam! Especially, for the “message map”. Very helpful.

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