Video Update: Hot Projects that Drive Traffic and Earn You Money

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Date: March 20, 2012

Time: 12pm, Eastern Time

Topic: Online Video

Presenter: Jessica Kizorek

In this teleconference event, video marketing expert Jessica Kizorek joins Wealthy Web Writer for an energized, information-packed 30 minute session. You’ll learn which video marketing projects are hot, which trends you should watch, and how you as a web writer can incorporate video into your services.

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  • Jessica suggests the six following videos for your website:

    Online Video

    We suggest you employ video on a very basic level at first. To build your personal brand you want to shoot short videos of you talking on video. These can be sitting in front of your computer or out at the beach. It all depends on your brand and what you’re trying to communicate.

    Use video to communicate your REAL personality. You have to learn to loosen up on video and let the real you shine through.

    There are several videos we suggest you shoot immediately and upload to your YouTube channel:

    Welcome to my site (30 seconds)
    (See scripts below)
    My philosophy & what I’m creating (3 minutes)
    (About you and your initiatives)
    Are we a match? (3 minutes)
    (So prospective clients can qualify or disqualify themselves)
    Welcome aboard as a new client (3 minutes)
    (Video that gets your new clients excited about the relationship…and sets expectations)
    How to pick a _________ (your profession) (2 minutes)
    (How to pick a personal trainer)
    Testimonials…other people talking about you and your initiatives (short & sweet)

  • Good audio; BUT this is a heavy pitch for video using audio.
    Trust, credibility all good arguments for video.
    My conclusion an oxymoronic “Online Video”

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