Pricing Guide for Web Copy Projects

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Without a doubt, one of the top questions we get at Wealthy Web Writer is, “How much should I charge?”

Now, you’ve got an easy, one-stop guide that will walk you through standard pricing structures and ranges so that you can quickly and confidently put together quotes for your clients and prospects.

No more guesswork. With this new report, How to Price and Land the Top 7 Web Copy Projects, you’ll know exactly what you should expect to charge for all the different kinds of work you might do as a web writer.

This comprehensive report is available exclusively to Wealthy Web Writer Platinum members. Download your copy now… just click the image below!

This special report is reserved content for Wealthy Web Writer platinum members. To continue reading this report please log in or become a member today.

Wealthy Web Writer

Wealthy Web Writer

Whether you’re looking to learn new skills, improve the ones you have, stay on top of industry changes, find clients who value those skills and are willing to pay top dollar, or take your web-writing business to the next level, Wealthy Web Writer is a one-stop shop.


  • Thank you, Rebecca, and Wealthy Web Writer for preparing such an outstanding resource guide for us! I haven’t read it in depth yet, but I have scanned each and every page and can tell the information is going to be SO useful, and for me personally, it could not have come at a better time. I don’t print out every report I receive, but I printed this one out immediately so I could have it handy. Thank you so much!

  • What a timely resource Rebecca! I’m so glad that Heather mentioned it in today’s Wealthy Writer monthly update call.

    You and the Wealthy Web Writer team always know exactly what we need. Thanks so much for your hard work!

  • ???? I’m not seeing any picture to click on, in order to download the report… What should I do?


  • Excellent guide! I will leave this on my desktop for weekly — if not daily — reference.

    As you wrote on page 59: “It’s exhilarating to know that even in today’s economic climate, I help provide a solution for people who want to escape the 9-to-5 cubicle lifestyle, and become in-demand professionals, running their own business — and their own life — on their own terms.”

    Matches your new banner posted on Facebook yesterday, and totally who you strive to be, and succeed in being, every day.

    Thank you so much. ~Andrea

  • Christine, I had that issue, and I tried several times, including sending three requests for help – none of which fixed the problem. Now, today, I have just logged in again, and the image is there.

    Try using a different browser – I think that’s what did it for me.

    Good luck! 🙂

    • I’m sorry, Ann. I didn’t realize when I sent you the direct link that it hadn’t worked for you. If I’d known I would have continued pursuing the problem.

  • Thank you so much for organizing the information by specialty. That way I don’t have to wade through everything and there’s a whole lot less chance I’ll get distracted by the “shiny.” 🙂 Thanks again.

  • I’ve tried many times to download this article and cannot – there is no image to “click on” as directed. Very frustrating.

  • Heather,

    I clicked on the image but didn’t get the report on my computer. Could you send me a direct link or a copy of the report?

    Thank you.

  • Thank you, Rebecca, for this amazing guide. You really went above and beyond with this!
    It took me about 4 hours today, starting from scratch, but I now have a “Fee Schedule” that I’m proud of and gives me a lot of confidence. Not only that, but it also went a long way towards separating and defining the actual services I can offer, which brought a huge sense of clarity.

    Thank you!

  • Thank you, Rebecca. Before I learn anything at all about anything as it relates to this business, you’ve provided me with definitive answers to inevitable questions. Really cool. Thanks again.

  • Hi Heather

    Thanks for this great resource. One quick question – are the figures quoted based upon 2012 rates or 2017 rates?



  • THIS IS AMAZING!!!! Organized, easy to skim or read in-depth, clear examples, and impressive depth of information and specifics… a quality resource.

    Thanks for making this available.

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