How to Create a Cover Letter that Gets Noticed


Congratulations! You found the perfect job opportunity, and you’re ready to apply.

You’ve spent hours working on your resume, crossing all the “t’s” and dotting all the “i’s.” You double-checked the grammar and spelling a dozen times.

Yep, it’s ready to submit.

Not so fast! Have you put the same level of care into your cover letter?

As you know, if you’ve spent any time applying for jobs recently, a cover letter allows you to tell the hiring managers in your own words how qualified you are for the job. This goes for all sorts of positions, including full-time jobs and short-term freelance opportunities.

The great news is that, as a writer, you should be a natural at “selling yourself” with words.

The right cover letter gives you a better chance of getting your resume seen.

Hiring managers are very busy and usually receive hundreds of resumes for each job opening. If your cover letter doesn’t grab their attention right away, they won’t even look at your “perfect” resume.

So, what does your cover letter need to stand out?

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Kellie Craft


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