3 Ways You Can Use Web Writing to Make More Money


I often get emails from beginning copywriters asking me which path they should take to earn six-figures.

I chose web writing for my niche and I eagerly recommend it to any up-and-coming writer because it offers boundless opportunities.

As you’ve likely learned from Wealthy Web Writer, there are many ways to write for the Web, such as sales letters, landing pages, autoresponders, and web page copy.

But, you might be less familiar with other ways you can use those same web-writing skills to increase your income, gain recognition, or even break into new industries.

These are 3 of my favorite ways to make money writing for the Internet:

1. Writing articles for companies.

I’ve found one of the easiest ways to make a name online is to write articles for companies. There’s a never-ending need for quality content on the Internet. And the key word is quality. When Google made changes to how they rank websites (known as the Panda update), it increased the need for skilled copywriters.

Google decided it was going to reward only well-written articles with higher search engine rankings. Targeted articles, filled with useful information, now rank higher than throwaway articles just stuffed with keywords. That makes effective article writers more and more valuable.

Second, Google gives higher ranks to original work. Articles that are repeated different places won’t qualify like the original does. Think of all the websites that duplicate information instead of creating their own copy. Writers who provide a unique spin will improve Google rankings for the pages they write!

Clearly, articles are crucial to business owners. When they’re written properly, they can bring more visitors to a website and even help convince people to buy their products and services.

And, landing article-writing gigs is fairly easy. You can check job boards for article-writing jobs, or even reach out to business owners who already have a blog and propose to save them time.

Rebecca Matter suggested a key technique to finding article-writing gigs that pay enough to be worth your time:

“The best way to find article projects is to research websites who publish good content on a topic you’re interested in writing about or have experience in. (Makes the job more fun!) All of these sites need to have fresh content added regularly. So you need to contact them with a self-promotion email or letter that sells your article services.”

One piece of advice, don’t look for your first gig through a content mill. A content mill is one of those websites that puts out lots and lots of short, usually poorly written, content — and pays peanuts to the writers creating it.

Content mills may seem attractive because they have a lot of available work, but generally the pay is very low. As a web writer, you should strive to write high-quality articles that strengthen your portfolio, not cheap content-mill articles. Focus your energy on article jobs that pay better — and payoff for your career now and in the long run.

To learn more about writing articles, check out this great article by Rebecca: A 5-Step Process to Writing Articles That Get Published.

2. Write your own Money-Making Website.

Creating your own Money-Making Website is another great way to make money writing on the Internet.

Money-Making Websites are sites full of information on a topic you’re interested in. They’re designed to attract web visitors who are searching for information on the topic that you choose. You earn money by placing Pay-Per-Click ads and affiliate links on the site. Then, when your visitors click an ad or buy a product you recommend as an affiliate, you earn a little bit of money. A little bit here and a little bit there adds up! Many Money-Making Website owners earns thousands of dollars per month from their sites.

Building a Money-Making Website is a great opportunity for web writers because you already have all the skills you need because of the work you do for clients.

One of my favorite examples of a Money-Making Website is Nick Usborne’s site about coffee. He has created a valuable collection of content on the subject and uses his site to promote products to his visitors.

Last I heard, he was making around $5,000 each month with his coffee website. You can learn more about how he was able to do that here.

I love the idea of a Money-Making Website because it’s a great way to build a passive income. This passive revenue stream helps supplement your earnings. And, your site brings in money even when you’re on vacation, busy with other web projects, or taking time out to write an e-book. Which brings me to my third favorite way to make money writing for the Internet …

3. Self-publishing your own e-product.

Self-publishing is another way you can make great money as a web writer.

You’re probably already familiar with e-books, online videos, and information courses. You might have even been asked to write sales copy for these types of items for your clients.

The good news is, once you understand how to do this for a client, you can repeat the process for yourself and sell a product on a topic you know a lot about.

One of the easiest things to sell online for a web writer is an e-book. Obviously, you have all the skills! An e-book can increase your income, bringing in fees for years after publication. The initial costs are low, there’s no inventory to worry about, and almost all of the income is pure profit.

Plus, writing an e-book is a great way to build your reputation and cement your status as an expert in that field. An e-book will help convince potential clients that you’re qualified to help them. Being a published author enhances your credibility, and provides you with endless promotional opportunities.

To learn more about writing your own e-book, start here: 12 Tips That Will Help You Write Your First e-Book.

So what about you? Are you using your web-writing skills to build other revenue streams? If so, tell us about it in the comments below.


Christina Gillick

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