How to Use Article Writing to Market Your Web-Writing Services


Writing articles is fun and a great way to showcase your expertise and market your web-writing services.

I have a friend who writes a lot of articles for various sources. They’re all very interesting, but more importantly, they’re also very informative.

One day, I was reading a post from a rather famous blogger I follow. It was a really good article. (If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be reading it, right?) He had a link you could click on if you wanted more information on the topic.

So, I clicked it.

It took me straight to an article my friend wrote. I was so excited for her! I mean, this famous blogger linked to her article! He obviously read her article and recognized her as an expert in her niche. He knew her information was relevant to what he wrote. So, he linked to it and all his many followers had an incentive to go check out her work. Talk about a traffic driver and reputation builder!

The point of my story is this …

… Articles can work as a powerful tool to market your web-writing services and showcase your expertise. It’s a great way to get yourself noticed.


Kellie Craft


  • Hey Kellie, you’ve been peeking at my marketing plan! =)

    After lots of great networking on Twitter, article writing is the next phase of my marketing campaign for my business. I’m going to be spending the summer doing lots of research and emailing, and hopefully lots of writing too.

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