How to Get Savvy — but Highly Skeptical — Customers to Finally Buy


“Is it here yet?”

It was two in the afternoon, and my husband, Quinn, called me to ask if the UPS truck had come by yet.

“Not yet,” I replied.

“Well, let me know when it comes!”

Normally, he goes months without so much as glancing at the mailbox. But today, he sounded like he was dying to run home from work so he could be here when the package arrived.

That’s because he had just made the purchase of a lifetime.

It was something he has wanted for over 20 years, but didn’t buy because he couldn’t afford it, or it wasn’t the right time, or because it wouldn’t be responsible to get something just for himself …

He’s a mind-bogglingly analytical physicist with Spartan spending habits. Watching him research companies and buy an expensive present for himself taught me a lot about how to write online sales pages — especially how to get savvy, but highly skeptical customers to finally buy.

The first thing I learned is that you can’t create desire … you can only stir up desire that already exists.

A highly-skilled copywriter can bring desire to a fever pitch, but only if it’s in the prospect’s heart to begin with.

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Mandy Marksteiner

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