15 Minutes to Fame: Enjoy the Journey


“Are we there yet?”

When I took my Girl Scouts to Jubilation the weekend before last, I lost count of how many times I heard that classic question. We were driving through beautiful country, sharing good company, but everyone in every car was eager to reach our destination.

As kids, we learn to believe that getting to the destination is when the fun starts. It’s easy to hang onto this belief into adulthood.

Sometimes as a freelance web writer, you can get so focused on your goals and dreams that you forget to enjoy what you’re doing and learning right now.

That’s a mistake for three reasons. When you forget to enjoy the journey, it makes reaching your goal more difficult and less fulfilling. It’s more difficult because you’re not being as informed by your experience as you could be. And, it’s less fulfilling for the same reasons.

You also may miss out on course corrections you should make that could speed your progress. If you make being in the present moment the focus, you’re much more likely to internalize the lessons you’re learning on the way to your goal. One of those lessons might be that you should have a different goal. If you miss that now, you’ll reach your goal and find it falls flat.

Keeping your focus on your goal for the future rather than the progress you’re making today can cause you to become frustrated and impatient with your progress. If you never pause to consider how far you’ve come, you might not realize how close you’re getting to your goal, and that could cause you to give up just before you’ve arrived.

I encourage you to keep good tabs on your goal. Remind yourself daily what it is and why you want to accomplish it. But then, shift your focus to the day at hand and the progress you’re making and the lessons you’re learning right now.


This Week on Wealthy Web Writer

Speaking of goals and progress and learning, we’ve added some excellent content this week that will help you with all three.

Platinum member Kellie Craft contributed an article this week on the top three ways you can use article marketing to attract clients to your freelance web-writing business.

Another good read is the latest Roving Report on how to use Wordtracker’s tools to find key phrases that will help your website grow quickly and effectively.

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Mark Your Calendars

We have two exciting events on the calendar this week.

June 19th, Charlotte Hicks hosts a teleconference interview with Jay White and Bob Edelstein. Jay and Bob are going to share the insider tips and tricks they use to write successful email campaign after successful email campaign.

Then on Thursday the 21st, join us for an interview with our April Referral Challenge winners. Discover the power of daily action and find out what referral techniques delivered the best results.


Get More Done When You Group Your Tasks

Oftentimes, being more productive and being more organized go hand-in-hand.

One way you can use better organization to help you get more done is to group your to-do list tasks based on the kinds of actions you need to take.

For example, in any given day you might need to answer emails, make phone calls, run errands, do research, plan projects, and write content.

If you make it a point to make all your calls together, to group your research tasks, to run errands in one go, and to focus on your writing tasks during a single block of time, you might find that you get more done.

The reason is that you’re not transitioning between the types of thinking patterns and actions you need to take. So, even if you’re doing research on three different projects, doing all your research in the same time block may help you get it done faster without compromising how thorough you are.

That’s all for now. Make it a great week!

Heather Robson

Heather Robson

Managing editor of Wealthy Web Writer, Heather has over ten years of content marketing and development experience.

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