Paths to Success: She Jump-Started Her Business … How?

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I first met Stephanie Mundle at the power-packed 2012 Web Intensive in San Diego.

You could’ve heard a pin drop as she spoke during the Success Panel presentations. Her unique story about how she jump-started her business last year fascinated everyone.

But, before I tell you what Stephanie did, let me tell you a little about who she is.

Because there’s something about her … a willingness to take the leap and embrace the risk … that serves as a shining example to all of us.

Her nickname could be “What-Else-Can-I-Do?”

A high school graduate at 16, Stephanie didn’t go directly to college. Her parents urged her to “look around” for a year, to take time to figure out what she really wanted to do.

Wisely, she listened to them. She went out and experienced the real world. In fact, Stephanie got so involved in the real world, she happily took 13 years to get her undergrad biology degree.

During that time she worked several jobs, including quality control checks for Hiram Walker Distillery, a stint as a tax accountant, and work for a concrete company. Since then, she’s owned an office equipment and computer rental company, a landscaping company, and a container nursery. She even cut grass at one point!

Stephanie talked a little about her experience-rich working career.

“My life is strange,” she mused. “Everything I do, I do for about 2 years. It takes around 6 months to learn something, a year to get good at it, and 6 months to give it away. So, in 35 years of working, I’ve done about 15 different jobs.

“I mean, if you find something you want to do for 40 years, great! Go for it! But not many people find that. They go deeper and deeper into the same rut instead of asking, ‘What else can I do?’”

And just about a year ago, Stephanie asked herself that very question … once again. This time, she came up with copywriting.

Next Stop: Freelance Copywriter

Stephanie wasn’t exactly new to copywriting. She’d already studied advertising and marketing from the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

She’d done her own marketing when she owned her various businesses, and worked on marketing projects for others as well.

She also jumped at the chance to take AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. Stephanie figures that was around 2004.

“Steve Slaunwhite edited my sales letter assignment,” she chuckled. “It’s a small world!”

At the AWAI Web Intensive, in March 2011, things really began clicking for her.

After listening to Jay White’s presentation on autoresponders, she decided to focus on email copywriting. I asked why.

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Faith Attaguile


  • This article is very helpful to me. I have ideas, but struggle to put the process in order. This all makes sense to me and I really identify with Stephanie’s feelings trying to start something new. My biggest challenge now to settle down and discern my niche. Thank you.

  • Great article, Faith! I remember Stephanie well from the Web Intensive and she made the same impact on me. What impressed me the most was her willingness to “just do it.” Thanks for the outline on how she did it. We can create our own opportunity in our own niche and just do it!

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