Copywriting for Tech Clients – Strategies for Success


Date: October 16, 2012
Time: 12:00 noon, Eastern Time
Topic: Copywriting for Tech Clients
Presenter:  Crystle Pishon

You have a past – and that’s a good thing! You have skills that are very valuable … especially when combined with your copywriting talents.

Copywriters with IT or other technical expertise are in high demand. There are dozens of industries that need writers from medical to manufacturing to movie-making and more!

And you don’t need to be a guru to be successful writing for these clients.  Your experience and knowledge of the industry lingo can open the door to interesting and highly-paid projects.

Join Crystle Pishon and discover:

  • Opportunities for web writers with a technical background
  • Key differences between technical writing and other web writing
  • Ways you can add value – and get paid for it
  • What types of projects are in demand today

Plus – Crystle will share her secret strategy that makes her message stand out from the others and makes her clients very happy!

Mark your calendar now for this valuable teleconference!

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Wealthy Web Writer

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  • Hi, unfortunately I missed this presentation – do you have the recording of it to share? Thanks so much, Tess

  • This is great Crystal, thanks for sharing. As a fellow copywriter for technology companies, it’s nice to hear from someone else in this niche. 🙂

    One of my favourite things is talking to the clients, getting all the technical information about their product, and hearing about how it works. It appeals to my inner-geek and my frustrated developer-within (I always wanted to be a developer, but didn’t have the patience to study the various things I’d need.)

    The other thing I enjoy is bringing that information to non-technical audiences. I love helping them understand the information.

    If anyone else out there enjoys technology and helping people, working in this niche is for you.

    • Oh, and in contrast to Crystal, I do write for the computer industry, specifically software companies. Mainly B2B ones for now, but I’m hoping to expand into other areas, like video game companies, mobile app development companies, etc.

      As she said, there are so many areas you can get into with technology, that the list really is endless. Look at your interests, strengths, and experiences, and go from there.

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