The History of Monkey Butter: Make a Fortune During a Power-Shift


Date: January 14, 2013
Time: 3:00pm, Eastern Time
Topic: The History of Monkey Butter: How to Make a Fortune During a Power-Shift
Presenter:  Joshua Boswell

What does monkey butter have to do with making money as a web writer?  Just a hint for now:  it’s all about opportunity.

On this month’s call, Joshua Boswell opens his box of secrets and shows you how you can take advantage of the endless opportunities that are available to web writers right now.

Whether you’re looking for your first client or want to move to the next level, Joshua’s proven strategies can help.  You could even have that first web client before next month’s Web Intensive in Austin!

And speaking of the Web Intensive, Joshua will give you some tips to make your experience at the Web Intensive even better.

Just some of what we will cover:

  • What is a power-shift and why is it good for web writers?
  • The Law of KLT and success
  • Steps you can take today to attract high quality clients
  • The one thing that may be holding you back and how to banish it forever
  • Key things to do before the Web Intensive so 2013 is YOUR year

Oh yes, and Joshua will reveal the secret of monkey butter and hidden opportunities.

This event is reserved for Wealthy Web Writer platinum members. To listen to the teleconference, please log in or become a member today.

Joshua Boswell

Joshua Boswell

As a sought-after copywriter who has grown his business from nothing to more than six figures in less than 12 months, Joshua teaches other writers how to successfully market and position themselves.

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