The Reality Blog: Handing Over the Reins of the Reality Blog

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Dear Web Writer,

I’m trying, but I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a seamless transition.

  • My parents tell me I cried at my preschool graduation.
  • I nearly slept through my high school graduation (it was boarding school, too, so I can’t even blame my parents for not waking me up).
  • When I said goodbye to college, the fancy procession was followed by frenzied, last-minute packing and an unfortunate dent in the marble slab of my dorm (moving trucks are hard to back up!).
  • I left one past job in tears, one in triumph, and the last with a chip on my shoulder.

And now here I am, about to leave the Reality Blog … and sicker than a preschooler who sucked on the thumbs of every toddler in her class.

The Reality Blog has nothing to do with my being sick, but it does make it a lot harder to say goodbye. I feel beaten down and completely incapable of forging out on a new path. At the moment, all my grandiose plans for new writing ventures sound … well … kind of dumb. (Not to mention, impossible!)

Now That I’ve Bummed You Out …

At this rate, you’ll probably be glad to say goodbye to me and my sniveling.

But I’ve got to make one last, golden point …

Everything, right now, as it is, is perfect.

I think most of us — me included, of course — want our transitions to be grand. Elegant, even.

We want to move from one life stage to the next with grace. And it doesn’t hurt to have people nodding and clapping as you move along.

But that’s so not the reality, is it? When I started this blog, I was confused and scared to death. Heck, when I set out to be a writer, every single day for a month was colored by confusion. (Did I say month? I should probably say year.)

Didn’t you go through the same thing? Are you going through that now?

Because the way I see it, it’s not only normal … it’s also a priceless opportunity to test your own mettle. If you ever face a self-imposed challenge where you start off shrinking in fear and end up successful, I think it shows exactly what you’re made of — tenacity.

Because in the end, your own, inner drive … your stubborn-factor … your “stick-to-it-ness” … that’s what’ll get you through. There’s no merit in figuring it all out beforehand. But there’s a lot to be said for walking boldly forward, even when you’re not sure where the path will take you.

Welcome the New Crop of Reality Bloggers

That’s why I want to give a hearty welcome to the new team of Reality Bloggers. They’ve stepped up and offered to share their journeys with you, as they move forward in their own admirable writing goals.

I’ve met and worked with every single one of them, and I warmly welcome them and wish them luck in this tell-all-and-learn-more world of exposure.

You’ll get to know them plenty well over the next few weeks, but here’s a quick intro:

Marianne Foscarini: Diligent, detailed, and dedicated to her mission is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Marianne. She’s been writing an informal Reality Blog over in the Member’s Forum for years (see the Write Your Own Reality Blog thread). She continues to move forward gracefully, all the while blossoming in her writing career. You can look forward to her lessons in focus (something we could all use a little more of, huh?), as she journeys forward in copywriting for the Christian niche.

Jim Wright: Attentive, actionable, and really just lovely to deal with. I think his approach is about the best anyone can have: “To be myself.” But I love that he plans to translate that into action … and can’t wait to see how he does it. Jim comes from a unique background — that of musician — which makes his public transition all the more valuable, given how many of you come from non-writing backgrounds.

Christina Gillick: Fun, eager, and ready for change. Though many of you know Christina through the articles she writes for AWAI and Wealthy Web Writer, I think you’ll be charmed by this new, open-book view of where she is and where she’s going. For anyone looking to live large as a writer while still relaxing through life, you’ll benefit from her story.

So with that, I say, “Adieu.” I’m not exactly leaving gracefully (as I reach for my 42nd tissue of the day). I can’t even say I’m going out confidently. But I am satisfied and happy, honored to have been part of your writing lives for so long, and to have learned so much from you along the way.

Thank you,


Your Reality Blogger & Wealthy Web Writer Platinum Member


NOTE: See The Complete Reality Blog Here

Mindy Tyson McHorse

Mindy Tyson McHorse

Executive Editor for The Barefoot Writer, Mindy McHorse writes for clients in the biz-opp, alternative medicine, and self-help world.


  • Mindy, You’ve been a regular part of our web-writing lives for three years — you will be missed! Best of luck in your next chapters. Nan

  • Hello Mindy: Congrats on stepping out and up. I wish you much success.

    I just want to take a minute to say thank you. After months of trial and error I came across your “Cause Marketing” program. I was beginning to doubt that there was any writing program I could really wrap my heart and soul around, let alone find a niche I was passionate about. Then I found your program and I believe I’ve found a home. I’m working my way through it right now. I have a goal of being up and running by the end of March. I may be biting off more than I can chew, but it’s now or never and failure is not an option.

    One question if I may… is there an AWAI forum for Cause Marketing specifically that I can sign on to? I’m sure there are others doing this and it will be very reassuring if I can talk with like-minded marketers on the same journey.

    Best of luck to you and talk you again, Jeff S. Osler 3-1-2013

  • Hi Mindy, thanks for all the great info you have shared over the last few years. You will be missed. And yet I will look forward to the new faces of the reality blog.

    But more importantly I look forward to hearing about your sure-to-be future successes as you journey down your new path of adventure.

    Enjoy the journey. You’ve worked hard to get where you are and you deserve to prosper in your own venture.

    Take care Mindy. Hope to hear from you once in a while.

  • Mindy, Mindy , Mindy, I hate to see you go. I’ve shared your struggles, which somewhat mirror mine, to keep me in the game. Your articles have provided encouragement and virtual modeling for me. You’re on my Linked In page. I’ll hopefully maintain contact once I get my profile together.

    Embrace the new adventure with all of your triumphs and lessons learned. I look forward to see your new opportunities blossom and create much joy.

    Thanks Mindy

    Warwick Occomy

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. I am sure everyone will be nodding and clapping as you move from this stage to a bigger one. You are an inspiration and I cannot express how much I have been encouraged and motivated by your transparency and your victories. My prayer for you is more victories, and new challenges that are educational without being too painful.

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