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Goals are important. After all, if you don’t know where you’re going, how will you get there? But, too many of us don’t know how to set goals for ourselves.

We see or hear others’ goals and think, “That sounds like a nice goal … I’ll take it!” As web writers, those goals might be to work at home, make six-figures, or create a Money-Making Website.

Those are all great goals. But, if they aren’t your own, and if you don’t feel strongly about them, you won’t be excited to get up in the morning or work toward them after a long day at your J.O.B.

Setting Goals For Myself Has Always Been A Problem

From the first time I heard about copywriting, I knew I wanted to replace my income so I could quit my job. It was an easy goal to set because it was the same goal everyone else had. I didn’t put much thought into whether or not I truly wanted it. I just went for it and I met that goal. But, where do I go now?

To better understand my journey, here’s a timeline so far:

  • October 2009 — I met Joshua Boswell while working at a web design training company as a “Chat Filterer” (the person who types responses when you click on “Chat With Us” on a website).

    My boss had hired Joshua for a few days of consulting and I was in charge of taking notes. I was blown away by everything I learned and Joshua referred me to AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting to follow in his footsteps.

  • October 24, 2009 — I purchased and pored through the program. I had never heard of copywriting before and I started reading everything I could get my hands on.

  • December 2009 — My boss took advantage of my outside learning and new skills and promoted me to “Copywriter.” I was thrilled, but still wanted the freedom of freelancing.

  • May 2010 — I joined Wealthy Web Writer.

  • June 2010 — Still writing (but only for my full-time job) and learning as much as I can about marketing. I attended Joshua’s Six Figures in Six Months event to learn more about getting clients and transitioning to full-time freelancer. Because of my own “Head Trash,” I decided to take the long route to success and position myself as an expert. I emailed Rebecca Matter about writing for Wealthy Web Writer.

  • August 2010 — Wealthy Web Writer published my first article!! Over the next year, I take on more and more clients and work evenings and weekends to get everything finished.

  • February 2011 — I’m ready to leave my job because I’m making enough income on the side! However, I’m afraid the work could dry up so I haven’t taken the leap yet. My boss calls me out of the blue and offers me more income and more vacation time IF I stay through 2011. I accept, but vow to quit in early 2012.

  • May 2011 — I joined AWAI’s Circle of Success program.

  • October 2011 — I attend my first AWAI Bootcamp and decide 2012 (and my personal quitting day) can’t come soon enough …

  • August 2012 — Through the months post-Bootcamp, I almost quit more than once, but I always make up an excuse. Finally, in August, I go for it and decrease my J.O.B. from 40 hours per week to fewer than 16 — all of which I do from my home office.

Immediately after hanging up the phone, I send emails to previous clients. Within 15 minutes, I secured over $1,100 in projects.

Since August 2012, I’ve more than replaced my full-time income every month. It’s now February 2013.

So where will I go next?

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Christina Gillick


  • Hi Christina,
    Nice post, and comforting to know I’m not the only one that needs to work on goals and managing my time!
    Looking forward to a great year working with you and Marianne, and hoping that we’ll all be keeping ourselves accountable.
    Here’s to a fun 2013 (and beyond)!

  • Hi Christina,
    I’m going to learn a lot from you! I love the way you detailed your action steps for the month of March…and your approach for increasing your hourly rate. Great post!

    Interesting path that led you into this copywriting world. I’m so happy for you that you discovered it early in life.

    Here’s to an exciting and fun 2013!

  • Hi Christina!
    Good luck to you in your goals this year! This blog should be a great way for you to set goals, since I’m sure they mean a lot more when you actually publish them. I’ve never had a problem setting goals – I just set too many and then lose track of them and end up not following any.

    I really liked your Comfy Earrings page. I have three young daughters… I’ll show them your site and see what they think. I’d love to hear more about how that business works and how you set it up.

    Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences in the Reality Blog this year. I’m just getting started in this, so I’m looking forward to reading more!

    John Mullen

    • Wow! That’s an incredible article, Christina. Lots of great info. Thanks for the link! There’s so much information in the form of past articles here, I might not have seen it. I just “re-discovered” the Search bar at the top right today, which has already saved me a bunch of time and pulled up some very useful past articles.

      I’ll definitely stay tuned to hear more about how you manage and promote the site in your blog sometime. I’m sure operating a business like that will give you plenty to write about!

      Thanks again!

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