How to Get You (or Your Client) to the Top of Google News… Fast!

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What if there was a way to get you or your client’s name to the top of Google and Yahoo! News within 24-48 hours, almost guaranteed, and for less than $200?

“That’s impossible,” you might say.

It’s not. You can do it and it’s a cinch.

Hopefully, I have your attention.

The truth is, I have done it for numerous clients. It doesn’t involve SEO, website revision, or even guest blogging. It is a single, simple strategy that will get you to the top of search engine rankings in short order.

What is it? The online press release. No doubt you’ve heard that the press release is dead. It isn’t and reports of its demise have been greatly exaggerated! Before you groan and say, “I’ve written press releases in the past, sent them out, and haven’t received so much as a thank you.” That’s probably true, especially if you have done it the old-fashioned way of submitting it to editors, hoping and sometimes pleading with them to publish it. That is tedious, hard work. If I had to submit press releases that way, I would have already applied to become a greeter at Walmart!

So how do you do it? Use what you already know … the Web! Were you aware that there are numerous online services to which you can submit your press release that will subsequently distribute them to the appropriate news outlets? And did you know that those outlets are virtually begging for content? The real prize is found in the fact that several of these top services are immediately ranked by Google and Yahoo! News. Yes, I did say news and that distinction is an important one.

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Robert Sands


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