Quick-Start Business Building Series: Picking Your Niche for Bigger Web-Writing Profits

Date:  April 2, 2013
Time: 7:00pm, Eastern
Topic: Picking Your Niche
Special Guest:  Pam Foster

Choosing your business direction is a critical first step in the development of your freelance business.  It may seem like narrowing your focus to a niche market will limit your income opportunities but the reality is just the opposite!

Just ask Pam Foster whose career took off when she focused on the pet industry.  Choosing the right niche will not only give you direction, but it’s also a proven strategy for faster growth and more income.

On this webinar, Pam will guide you through her simple process for identifying, evaluating and picking the best niche for you.  You’ll be one step further along your roadmap to success!

Pam will explain:

  • Why all niches are not equal
  • Steps to identify and choose the best niche for you
  • How to know if a niche is too narrow or too broad
  • Niche mash-up: Can you combine niches?
  • How to identify the best clients in your chosen niche

Discover the secrets of leveraging niche markets and getting great clients the easy way!

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Pam Foster

Pam Foster

As a certified SEO Copywriter and web content consultant, Pam is an expert on managing client relationships and has written multiple programs on landing and working with great clients.


  • I highly recommend this one… even if you’ve been through all the other articles and Webinars on choosing your niche. Pam provides a combination of tangible examples, industry research, and common sense. She not only helps you define your niche, but gives the best explanation of why you need a niche that I’ve seen. If you’re still trying to decide… this Webinar is well worth your time.

  • Great webinar. Pam gives some really good tips on finding your niche and very good reasons why you should have one. I’m convinced.

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