Reality Blog: Create a Plan for Chaos

I’ve only been a freelancer full-time for a few months now and I still expect all of my projects to go off without a hitch …

This past month, I learned that’s not always true. Instead, no matter what plans you make or how perfect those plans are, you can expect them to change or, in some cases, completely turn into chaos.

Deadlines get moved.

Other obligations come up.

Some days we just don’t feel like writing.

That’s okay.

I’ll explain how I learned to deal with chaos — quite effectively, I think. But first, a quick recap …

If you don’t remember, my primary goal for this year is to double my hourly rate — so I can work half as much.

Last month I discovered that even though I worked an average of 21 hours per week, I was in front of the computer for over 40 hours per week. That means I wasted 19 hours per week, 76 hours for the whole month — that’s over three solid days!

This month, I started with a solid plan to make good use of that previously wasted time …

My Plan Did Not Have Room For Chaos

I’m a stickler for planning. I always plan at least a few weeks in advance. I put all my deadlines on my calendar and work backwards so I know what day I need to have the research completed, when my outline should be finished, etc. Unfortunately, adjusting my calendar (i.e., procrastinating) is as easy as dragging and dropping my tasks and events to a different day.

And, a few weeks ago … you probably know where this is going … all my well-laid plans turned to complete chaos. There wasn’t any wiggle room to procrastinate. Hello, stress!

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Christina Gillick


    • Titles can be misinterpreted. When I first read it my initial thought was “I don’t need to schedule chaos I already have it” When you look at the title from a different viewpoint she means “Allow time in your schedule to deal with chaos”

  • Great article Christina! I like the idea of scheduling time in for “chaos” which structures the rest of the day. Thanks for pointing this out and providing a solution.

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