Use These 3 Key SEO Marketing Metrics to Increase Your Client’s Website Conversion Rate

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As an SEO Copywriter, a frequent question you’ll get from clients is, “How do I know these SEO efforts are working?”

Besides the obvious results of seeing your client’s website move up in the search engine results and getting more conversions on their website, there is a more scientific way to measure the success of your work.

The following three metrics focus on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) writing efforts and will help you to justify and prove your work is, in fact, working. These metrics will be especially helpful if your client’s website isn’t moving to the first page of results or if there are no other visible results they can see.

3 SEO Marketing Metrics Which Prove Your SEO Writing is Working

When writing copy which has been optimized for the search engines, seeing a site move up in the search engine results is rewarding, but it doesn’t tell a complete story. The following three Marketing Metrics will help your clients see how the work you’re doing is helping them to make more money:

  • Repeat Visitor Share %: This is a measurement of how pertinent your content is to your visitors and what they are searching for online.
  • Bounce Rate %: This metric is the KING of content metrics. It measures the percentage of visits where the page was the only page viewed.
  • % of Search Engine Referrals: This percentage shows the overall SEO effectiveness via the search engines as it calculates the ratio of the referrals from the search engines versus all external referrals.

When it comes to metrics, it is important to establish a regular schedule for gathering and analyzing the results and comparing them against the previous period’s data. Search Engine Optimization isn’t an overnight fix. It takes time, so allow for time to show the effects of your work.

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Jean Baliko


  • Excellent, Jean! Clients are always looking for this type of information, and thanks to your explanation, anyone can find it and report back. Thank you!

  • Great article Jean and very helpful. I’ve always known just enough to be dangerous with regards to analytics, but your explanations are very useful. Thanks! ~cb

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