Marketing Metrics: 5 Already-Done-for-You Email Metrics

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Email marketing is a great way to increase your subscriber list and to improve conversions on a small marketing budget. In addition to these attributes, your email campaign’s performance can be checked in real time if you are willing to review some basic metrics and results.

Most email marketing services, such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, and MyEmma, provide basic to more complex tracking and analytics, so finding these results is easier than you might think.

The following five metrics focus on the basics of your email campaign’s performance. All of these metrics and results are automatically calculated for you so there is no extra work involved. When these metrics and results are checked consistently with each campaign, trends and areas of improvement will emerge. Since these results are acquired in real time, corrections can be applied and tracked with the next campaign.

5 Email Marketing Metrics That Help You Increase Subscribers and Conversions

When writing email campaigns, some of the important rules include spending the most time on your subject line; testing different subject lines for improved results; keeping the emails short; providing valuable content, and knowing your prospect.

The following five Email Marketing Metrics will help you improve your next email marketing campaign, allowing you to expand your subscriber list and increase your click-throughs:

  1. Open Rate: this is the number of times your email message is opened. Your subject line plays a vital part in improving this metric.
  2. Click Rate: this metric is important as it tells you the number of times your subscribers have clicked-through on a link within your email.
  3. Complaint Rate: this rate tracks the number of times your email message is marked as SPAM. Unfortunately, SPAM complaints happen. Your job is to help minimize the numbers included in this metric.
  4. Unsubscribe Rate: this percentage shows the portion of subscribers who have removed themselves from your distribution list.
  5. Bounce Rate: this metric gives you insights into how many emails were undeliverable and if they are valid addresses or not.

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