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One of the biggest compliments you can get as a writer is to have someone willingly share your content — any of it and frequently.

But in order for your reader to want to share what you’ve posted, it needs to be good … And easy to share.

In other words, it needs to be “shareable.”

What is “Shareable” Content?

The definition of “shareable” is, “to use, participate in, enjoy” ( When you write content or create a video, an infographic, or anything, you want people to use it and enjoy it. And then share it.


What I’m about to share with you applies to all of your content — videos, blogs, articles, infographics — anything you produce.

Your Content vs. Theirs

How many times have you read an article or a blog post, or watched a video, and liked it so much, you clicked on one (or more) of the “share” buttons? You sent it to Facebook, Twitter, G+, and LinkedIn. And possibly Pinterest.

Now ask yourself these questions …

  1. What made you share that specific piece of content?
  2. What was so good about it that you had to share it with your entire fan base, connections, peers, and friends?
  3. Why did you share it?

Because it was good? Of course it was. You wouldn’t have shared it otherwise. But you have to go deeper … So now, ask yourself those questions again.

What did you come up with this time? Was it anything like:

  1. It answered some questions you needed answered.
  2. It gave you valuable information you (or someone you know) needed.
  3. It was a useful infographic you needed, so not only did you share it, you printed it off and hung it on your wall in front of you.
  4. It was a fantastic recipe you wanted to save (so you pinned it on Pinterest).
  5. It made you seriously laugh out loud or contemplate life … it was compelling.

Any of these look or sound familiar to you? It was something you needed or that moved you emotionally.

If the article, blog, infographic, or video had none of these qualities, do you think you would have shared it?

Doubtful. You probably shrugged or even groaned and moved on to something else.

And, if this was something you shared with your world, there’s a good chance you added the author to your Circles, or Liked, subscribed, or started following them.

That’s “shareable” content, and that’s what you want to produce so your readers do the same.

Here’s What You Need to Do

Once you’ve produced something for the real world to see, ask yourself the above questions.

In addition to the usual criteria (does it read well, does it make sense, is it conversational, etc.), does it meet the “shareable” criteria outlined above?

If not, try again and ask again. Have your mastermind or peer review group read it and get their feedback. (Note: If you don’t have a group, form one. They’re an indispensable source of information, support, and feedback! But I digress … so more on that in a moment.)

And remember, videos are no different. As with the written word, you have to grab your audience and keep them watching.

I know I said this before …

But, you HAVE to make it compelling. This will keep their attention and they’ll share without even thinking twice.

Make it Easy For Your Readers to Share

Now that you have “shareable” content, let’s make it easy for your readers to share.

It’s easy to share content on any of the social media sites. The “Share,” “Repin,” and “Retweet” buttons are right on your posts.

So let’s take a quick look at your website.

Do you have “share” buttons at the bottom of every blog post? On every page you have content?

That’s fantastic if you do! You’ve made it very easy for your readers to share your content.

If you don’t, add these buttons to your website TODAY. The easier it is for your readers to share, the faster it will happen. I use Sexy Bookmarks for WordPress by Shareaholic. But, there are hundreds out there to choose from.

Make it Compelling

So, whenever you post anything — article, video, infographics, or whatever your content is — make sure it’s full of valuable and useful information (I believe the catch word is “compelling”). Ask yourself the above questions and apply the results.

Not only will your content be shared, your “Likes” and “follows” will probably go up, too!

And, the more you’re “shared,” the more likely you’ll become the go-to person, the “expert!”

The content you create needs to be so full of relevant information that it grabs attention and before the audience knows it, they’ve shared it …

Without even thinking twice!

As I mentioned, peer review and mastermind groups are really valuable … Here’s some great resources to start with. And don’t forget the WWW Forum if you’re looking for help.

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