Put Your Best Foot Forward With Winning Samples and Proposals

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Date: June 25th, 2013
Time: 3pm, ET
Topic: Proposals and Samples
Presenter: Ed Gandia

Marketing and self-promotion are key to your web-writing success. In this live interview with Ed Gandia, we’ll get into the nuts and bolts of successful self-promotion including what writing samples you need to get the attention of your prospects and how to put together a proposal that will close the deal.

Having a prospect reach out to you about a project is only the first step. During this session, you’ll learn how to make the most of that opportunity, so that you can land more projects. Ed will cover:

  • How many samples a web writer needs.
  • How to generate samples even if you’re brand new.
  • How to present your samples to make the best impression.
  • What goes into a winning proposal.
  • How to keep your proposal process simple and effective, so that you get the greatest return on the investment of your time.

Don’t miss out on this information-packed event.

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Ed Gandia


  • Hi, Heather,

    What is the call in number and pin for this call?

    I find it helpful to have those numbers in advance, because when I notice a new event
    I schedule the call on my calendar and also write down the conference call number and the pin
    at the same time. I end up listening on my landline on speaker phone and taking notes, for some reason I can’t get into the webinars.



    • Hi Patricia,

      I post the call-in instructions as soon as I received them, often a few days before the event. For webinars, which Internet browser do you use?


      • Heather,

        It’s been awhile, and since I’ve just been calling in on the landline, I don’t remember exactly what the message was that came up. I’ll have to try it again on another webinar and then I can let you know.

        Thanks for asking.


        • Do let me know when you have a chance. I might be able to find a solution for you.


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