Bonus Event: B2B Autoresponders

Date: July 11th, 2013
Time: 12 noon, Eastern Time
Topic: B2B Autoresponders
Presenter: Steve Slaunwhite

Few industries have more demand for your web writing services than the B2B industry. This industry is huge, growing, and uses a lot of copy. It’s like a perfect storm for web writers. In this special video presentation, Steve Slaunwhite digs into the speciality of writing email messages and autoresponders for B2B clients. More B2B companies are turning to email series as a go-to marketing tool.

During this video, you’ll learn:

  • How to approach B2B clients about writing email series – the vocabulary is different. If you don’t speak their language, you won’t close the sale.
  • The reasons why B2B companies use email series and how you can deliver the results they expect.
  • What you need to know to write a B2B email series that will connect with your prospects.
  • And much more.

This special bonus video event from Steve Slaunwhite will be available at noon on July 11th. Don’t miss it.

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Steve Slaunwhite

Creator of AWAI\'s bestselling program, \"Secrets of Writing High-Performance B2B Copy\". Instructor at the semi-annual B2B Virtual Workshop. I enjoy helping writers make it big in the business-to-business market!


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